Yesterday, as a part of her anal training, she was tied up strictly, and penetrated with a big anal dildo with powerful vibration. On low buzz she knew that she would be caned anytime, anywhere, while on the other hand, on max speed the caning stopped. her Owner moved intensity of the dildo up and down, and when it was getting lower, the little whore could feel the cane coming down on her (or fear that it would), the lower vibration, the harder the caning. After a while the clever little whore found out that she could beg really sweet for more intense vibration in her anal; if she beg really submissively the vibration went up, and caning down. Soon vibration dropped again…..and she started begging for more. Time after time. So sweet. We kept on until she was wet (and striped from her soles to her shoulders) and her Owner deemed her ready to be used.

Caught with some infringements on her code of behavior, and using words she is not allowed to use, she needed correction. That her Owner just received the long anticipated package of fresh rattan canes was an additional bonus. Strung up in a strict cross, with her ass in the air, she was perfectly arranged and fully accessible for a long session. her Owner demands routinely that she takes punishments without moving even if not tied up, but for now He is emphasizing the fact that she cannot in any way whatsoever avoid that her Owner beats her as He prefers. There is simply nothing she can do. Nothing. she shall learn to ride the pain, not try to resist it. her Owner has decided and she has no right to oppose her Owner’s decision. The new canes enjoyed themselves from her upper arms down to her soles and back again. Eventually, her Ass was in focus, being lengthily beaten while she relentlessly repeated a mantra improving her sense of slavehood. A long and beautiful night.

It is important to take her down now. To counter any habituation to softness, to re-instill the absolute, and to reinforce the definitive. In pace with her body returning to strength and durability, she shall be forced deeper and harder. Most of the times when she is caned she is loose and told to stay still until her Owner has beaten her properly. But now we need to move her down through layers and reinforce her helplessness. she is helped with cuffs and ropes. Standing up naked, her arms fully stretched to the sides, she is harshly caned; in fact, she panics and tries to pull free from the ropes in the most adorable way. Of course she gets nowhere and the caning goes on. After a while she resignates and lets her head fall heavily forward and takes whatever she is given. This resignation, the insight that she cannot impact the situation, the understanding that her Owner can and will do what ever He likes with her is paramount. And beautiful. she knows her place: harmony, order and satisfaction rules.

The slavegirl does really not bruise easily. Or at all. And when she does, she heals miraculously fast. Red throbbing welts from caning at nighttime are but a pale, hardly visible, reminder morning come. But yesterday her Owner strung her up with ropes, hands tied to a loop in the ceiling and back to the inserted anal hook. It was strict and she was to be caned. The lesson of the moment was that she shall stay still when she gets beaten (as the experienced reader already concluded, physically she could move but then she would hurt herself as bad by pulling the vicious hook). her thighs were caned from the front. And there, unexpectedly, some bruises soon emerged. Extra bonus to a nice session. her Owner makes a mental note that stretched thighs in combination with attacking the front of the immobilized slave with a rattan cane seems to be a successful formula. Good to know. (Electrical chord whipping is another successful formula, but that is saved for proper punishment sessions).

The little slavegirl manages the blog. she is sometimes allowed to articulate her feelings on the pics her Owner has taken and selected (and sometimes not), and she may get the task of editing pics to enhance her exposure and the sentiments visible in the images. she is most importantly responsible for keeping the texts free from typos and errors. Our valued followers deserve a tidy and well-kept blog. Anytime you spot a typo, you can be sure that the slave will get a beating for it sooner or later, even for the smallest. she learns best the hard way. Lately, she has been sloppy a few times and it piled up to a hard and long beating with the cane. As you can see, blindfolded, crying as quietly as she could, her teddy bear was seriously concerned for her. If anyone sees a typo that has slipped through anywhere in the blog, let us know and the cane will be put to work. Let’s see if she will find the planted error in this text. At least she will try (if there really is any….).

It is such a sweet feeling, swinging the cane with full force, without holding back, and with no hesitation. The house is empty and no screaming can be heard. The slave knew she had been bad and will not even try to beg for lenience (not even her hug-buddy teddy bear will save her). This time she is tied up properly coz her Owner does not want any disturbance whatsoever during the execution of her punishment. No sweet rattan, no soft leather whip, no nonsense….just an iron strong bamboo stick of just the right weight to land hard, deep and with precision. A beautiful cloud of wellbeing spreading for each stroke harder than the last, and knowing she deserved them all. Soon she will be pure again, ready to serve with a light soul, a lovely mind, and a body ripe to give pleasure. It was harder than usual. Bliss and beauty. Order restored.

she is a resilient and durable li’i slavegirl. she is beaten, slapped, and caned all over her body on a daily basis (with varying strength). Her nipples are clamped, hair pulled, and her collar almost chokes her at times. The single-tail whip comes out occasionally, and the flogger even more often. her breasts are whipped, so is her inner thighs and her pussy. she is drenched in her Owners’ pee, hooded for long periods of time, and chained to the floor at times. Amongst other things. she deserves it all, and she takes it all, trembling and sobbing, but bravely and elegantly, knowing she is improved by it (and that it pleases her Owner). But when she needs that little extra pain and fear, the rattan cane finds her bare soles. It is different. That tears her apart, and she fears she cannot take the pain and the horror of it. Of course she must take it – whether she “can” or not – when it is time for her to take it. So far only moderate sole-caning has been pursued, waiting for the right opportunities….


Although  at times a fine line, there is a difference between Disciplining and Punishment. Disciplining is a reminder, correction, and a fine-tuning of the slave’s posture, attitude, and adherence to rules and ideals. It shall be modest in pain, but consistent, placing the slave in a hazy state of mind, with forced full attention to what is being done to her. She shall of course be vulnerable and helpless, feeling a little bit of fear. It shall be approaching the limit to what it can stand yet being perceptive what she is told, hence being able to reap the fruit of her training. Punishment is different. Punishment is a response to a clear wrongdoing by the slave, preferably defined by her Owner to depth and extension in beforehand (but not necessarily told to the slave). The slave’s fault shall be clearly pointed out beforehand and she shall be told it is not acceptable. The ordeal and the pain of the slave shall be of the magnitude that she never wants to experience it again, and therefore is convinced that she will adapt fully to the demands of her Owner. This clip is a minor part of a punishment session. Enjoy….


Sometimes she needs and deserves the harsh chains, wrapped around her petite body in layers, padlocked and fastened to frames, beams and hooks. At other times she can be kept safe, restrained and trained with more subtle methods. This is a part of an obedience training where she is led around in her hood, given commands, required to obey instantly. Only when she obeys sharply and with no hesitation whatsoever the exercise is complete. Typically, she hesitates early in the exercise, scared of not seeing, but after a time falls (from trust and exhaustion) into a more perfect state of obedience. Here, slave is in place, the anal hook is inserted, tightly strung to the ceiling, forced to her highest tip-toes, being prepared for a whipping. the slave is ordered to stay still and keep her hands on her back while she is caned harshly across the front thighs. her hands never left the position, but it took some caning (and pulling in the rope controlling the anal hook) to make her endure the cane as she should: obediently standing still, taking the pre-defined number of lashes. she was then released and the exercise went on for some time.