Sometimes she needs and deserves the harsh chains, wrapped around her petite body in layers, padlocked and fastened to frames, beams and hooks. At other times she can be kept safe, restrained and trained with more subtle methods. This is a part of an obedience training where she is led around in her hood, given commands, required to obey instantly. Only when she obeys sharply and with no hesitation whatsoever the exercise is complete. Typically, she hesitates early in the exercise, scared of not seeing, but after a time falls (from trust and exhaustion) into a more perfect state of obedience. Here, slave is in place, the anal hook is inserted, tightly strung to the ceiling, forced to her highest tip-toes, being prepared for a whipping. the slave is ordered to stay still and keep her hands on her back while she is caned harshly across the front thighs. her hands never left the position, but it took some caning (and pulling in the rope controlling the anal hook) to make her endure the cane as she should: obediently standing still, taking the pre-defined number of lashes. she was then released and the exercise went on for some time.

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