Tied, beaten, and hooded, pressad into that perfect mental space where she is at her most beautiful, she also feels the best. slave deserves to be there in every aspect of her being, always. A place where she is totally subdued to the Male demands, rules, and desires – sophisticated or raw as they may be – and where she is used and trained to exercise good service at all times. This is the mindset where she feels safe, where her position is clear, and where there is no chance for her to exert any will of her own. This is her place.

There is something special with a slave in a strict leather hood. This one is tight yet comfortable, easy to breath through, possible to eat in, and having no obvious limits to how long she/it can be kept in it. It is “lockable” with a string that is knit so tight that she absolutely can not release it herself. It is entirely black inside. She is helpless, fully blind, naked, faceless, void of expression. A creature, an object, a blank canvas to be painted. she can be used for any purpose, beaten in all kind of ways, and be raped by an innumerable amount of men (and women). What ever is done to her – to it, she is an object – she can just comply and hope to be unhooded some day, week, month….. Tell her she will be harshly beaten if she utters a word of complain, even a sigh, and that this will add time for her in the hood. Then the scene is set for fully enjoying the slave, using her to her maximum without disturbances. As it should be.


Although  at times a fine line, there is a difference between Disciplining and Punishment. Disciplining is a reminder, correction, and a fine-tuning of the slave’s posture, attitude, and adherence to rules and ideals. It shall be modest in pain, but consistent, placing the slave in a hazy state of mind, with forced full attention to what is being done to her. She shall of course be vulnerable and helpless, feeling a little bit of fear. It shall be approaching the limit to what it can stand yet being perceptive what she is told, hence being able to reap the fruit of her training. Punishment is different. Punishment is a response to a clear wrongdoing by the slave, preferably defined by her Owner to depth and extension in beforehand (but not necessarily told to the slave). The slave’s fault shall be clearly pointed out beforehand and she shall be told it is not acceptable. The ordeal and the pain of the slave shall be of the magnitude that she never wants to experience it again, and therefore is convinced that she will adapt fully to the demands of her Owner. This clip is a minor part of a punishment session. Enjoy….


Sometimes she needs and deserves the harsh chains, wrapped around her petite body in layers, padlocked and fastened to frames, beams and hooks. At other times she can be kept safe, restrained and trained with more subtle methods. This is a part of an obedience training where she is led around in her hood, given commands, required to obey instantly. Only when she obeys sharply and with no hesitation whatsoever the exercise is complete. Typically, she hesitates early in the exercise, scared of not seeing, but after a time falls (from trust and exhaustion) into a more perfect state of obedience. Here, slave is in place, the anal hook is inserted, tightly strung to the ceiling, forced to her highest tip-toes, being prepared for a whipping. the slave is ordered to stay still and keep her hands on her back while she is caned harshly across the front thighs. her hands never left the position, but it took some caning (and pulling in the rope controlling the anal hook) to make her endure the cane as she should: obediently standing still, taking the pre-defined number of lashes. she was then released and the exercise went on for some time.

Those of you who have followed the adventures of the slavegirl 566-813-622 knows that when she is hooded, and her pussy and anal is taped, she is in for a hard caning. And she knows it. Four omissions in one day is not good. Details, a bystander might say, but oh so important….And the li’l girls is a bit scared, jumping at the first hit….very cute. And this time her Owner made some video clips of her sweet sufferings. It may appear here in due time.

At times, the cold basement, the hood, and the chains are not enough to properly subdue the li’l slavegirl. But in combination with the cane she soon becomes soft, sweet and pliable. In bad cases, the cane also fondles her bare soles….that sends the message through in a clear way and leaves her howling, gasping for air. So sweet.