There is something special with a slave in a strict leather hood. This one is tight yet comfortable, easy to breath through, possible to eat in, and having no obvious limits to how long she/it can be kept in it. It is “lockable” with a string that is knit so tight that she absolutely can not release it herself. It is entirely black inside. She is helpless, fully blind, naked, faceless, void of expression. A creature, an object, a blank canvas to be painted. she can be used for any purpose, beaten in all kind of ways, and be raped by an innumerable amount of men (and women). What ever is done to her – to it, she is an object – she can just comply and hope to be unhooded some day, week, month….. Tell her she will be harshly beaten if she utters a word of complain, even a sigh, and that this will add time for her in the hood. Then the scene is set for fully enjoying the slave, using her to her maximum without disturbances. As it should be.

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