Hi! Greetings to you and if not offend, greetings to your accompanying slave. Sir, just a question. Now that TUMBLR is about to get hostile for blogs like this, do you intent to continue your wonderful insight blog, to another site?

Thanks for the ask. We are right now setting up a bdsmlr.com account. We will have the same username and would love to have you all come there and explore. Let us reshape the community and reach for new heights (and depths).


It is when all cuteness, surface, and nonsense are peeled off, the slavegirl’s true beauty is exposed. When subjected to brutal power, helpless, with her Owner’s will filling her to the finest fiber, she feels most complete. And it is when being used and being useful, sensing Owner ruling her totally with no chance of escaping, she exists to her fullest. Real, hard and merciless. Luckily for the little girl – or maybe not – her Owner has a fetish for her orgasms. To create them, force them, and to repeat them at will, irrespective of her desires.

Although it is massive, it is not the physical pleasure that drives Owner’s training of and demands on slave. To force the cock all the way down slave’s throat despite her difficulties to take it, is a beautiful and natural act of establishing and reinforcing hierarchy. If Owner demands it, she complies irrespective. she knows she never has a choice, and that is beautiful. It is even more beautiful, to train her to master it every time, and perform dutifully knowing deep inside that is it is the most natural act for any women to please her Man. It improves slave and makes her truly pleasant and useful. And it makes Owner proud of His little girl.

Women need to be able to please their men. In order to do that they must be culled, made to understand their place, and they need to be trained to master the techniques. In addition, each woman should see it as the ultimate duty of womanhood to satisfy their Man to the fullest. Marriages would be happier and more durable, and society would be less tense. Here the slave is trained in simple cock-pleasing techniques: an hour of effort and a life-time of pleasing better.


she is a tough one. Courageous and durable. But several sequences of face-slapping, interrupted by stern words putting her in her right place does the trick. Dolled up to perfection, hands on the back, and no attempts to avoid the face-slapping allowed, eventually make her yield her oh-so-beautiful tears. And with that the mental shields come down, false dignity vanes, and the hope of ever being able to protect herself from the Owner’s will disappears. she is where she needs to be.

A slavegirl’s primary duty is to please and pleasure her Owner. This bitch makes a good job at supplying her Owner with a very visually pleasant start of the day. Does she not give the impression of being useable, rapeable, and ready for chains, whips, and disciplining training? she does and she is.

To own ones woman is the only way for a man to live. To deeply feel the right and ability to rape this delicious female creature every morning and every night is a beautiful fundament in life. And to beat her if she does not serve and please, is extremely satisfying. And knowing she needs it whether she likes it or not is is a huge trigger. Sweet life….

The most natural and beautiful thing in the world is the full and total submission of a woman to her Man/Owner. When she has no shred of resistance left in her and when her outmost desire is to serve and please, ready for whatever He wants to do with her or use her for, she is at her most perfect. Every woman should desire to reach this point and feel the soul-deep satisfaction that flows from such a mindset. Females everywhere should be helped to get rid of false dignities, learned inhibitions, and misleading ideas on independence and rights. This place is the only place that can ever fully satisfy a woman, returning to their natural state. As It Shall Be.