Except for practicalities such as slave caring for household duties or to be made accessible for usage, one can not keep one’s slave in chains too much or too often. Chains are absolute, unbreakable, and strict. Cold at first, but warming up from slave’s body heat over time, just as slave gets used to them, becoming increasingly comfortable with them. Chains are caring, safe and protecting. slave shall learn to feel Owner’s presence through the chains. slave shall learn to feel that chains keep her in check. she shall learn to appreciate that Owner likes to have her chained up in a variety of ways, all securing her in her place.

A sturdy leather belt is a lovely device for a number of reasons. Pulling it out of your pants in front of your slave is a sweet measure. It is very convenient to beat your slave with since it is always at hand and has a considerable impact. And It can quickly be transformed into an efficient tool for strangulation and control. A slave should notice that most men wear leather belts and associate correctly at all times.

Tied, beaten, and hooded, pressad into that perfect mental space where she is at her most beautiful, she also feels the best. slave deserves to be there in every aspect of her being, always. A place where she is totally subdued to the Male demands, rules, and desires – sophisticated or raw as they may be – and where she is used and trained to exercise good service at all times. This is the mindset where she feels safe, where her position is clear, and where there is no chance for her to exert any will of her own. This is her place.

So small and frail, fragile and vulnerable, yet so durable. When tied up, slapped, caned on the inner thighs, tormented to tears, one could expect this little creature to bulge. But in her right place, under her Owner, in training, she grows better and stronger with each and every blow. Disciplined and improved for her Owner’s pleasure, her mind rests and enjoys.

Beaten, broken and raped. Repeatedly. Finally at ease, falling asleep kissing her Owner’s feet. In her place. And indeed, she had earned the spot at her Owner’s feet, serving hard under the whip and the cane. First some stern punishments for dis-respect. Then some disciplining for keeping standards up. Finally, some lengthy, sheer sadistic, pleasure, as adviced by the slave-trainer, entirely for Owner’s and Trainer’s benefit. A blissful eve.

Up to now, slave has been nurturing the baby, hence her breasts have been somewhat protected. These days are over now. The breasts are again prime target for sadistic pleasure and crude disciplining. Told to straighten her back, push her breasts forward and get ready, she complies readily. What a beautiful sight, the lil girl breathing deep, awaiting the flogger to rip her breasts and the much dreaded pain to ravish her! her Owner feels sweet satisfaction.

slave is taken into a new phase of training. It is at the same time a restart and an acceleration of her submission. The aim is to (re-)cement the foundations, while also establish the Absolute and the Total. One of many strategies is to slowly, step by step establish the basic values a good slave should harbour. her Owner has unintentionally let her slip and it must be remedied. In addition to her Owner, an experienced slave trainer was engaged, and she will be worked over from several directions, in her mind and her body. Here her trainer improves her “…since you already confessed your bad behaviour in finding and staying in your place I have no other choice than ask Owner to give you extra punishment that comes from me.” her trainer sentenced her to 7 medium and 3 hard strikes with the harsh cane; her Owner executed the punishment. We were pleased with the result: if you look carefully, you can see exact the 7 minor, and the 3 major stripes. And if you could hear the slave’s whining and whimpering, you (or at least the sadists among us) would enjoy it too. It will be repeated until the right behaviour is firmly in place. One core value at the time….

Most would believe – I assume – that the hick-ups in her enslavement emanated from too many and too harsh demands on the slave making her too repressed and too tormented. In fact, it was/is rather the opposite. slave needs tighter, deeper and harder. In that spirit, I Owner is looking for serious in-depth online slave training for the slave, which ideally will be pursued in parallel to, or in concert with, Owner’s regular use and everyday training. For the right trainer, I will make her available on terms with very very few limits. The girl is highly receptive to a certain form of strict and absolute slave training, including forceful mental dimensions. Full openness with Owner is requested. Please contact privately for details.

The slave did not reach her weight loss target six months after her pregnancy. Now harsher measures need to be applied. Though she is luscious with ample breasts and nice curves, we all want her back to her tasty slim, slutty self. Right!? As an extra incentive, she is being caned every other day. The formula is ten strikes per kg overweight. Yesterday she was four kg over her ideal weight and received 40 strikes with the rattan cane. To be continued….

A sweet dinner…the little whore was told to doll herself up for her Owner’s pleasure for a dinner. This means for her, 6 inch high heels, mini-dress, no panties (that is a general rule), classy-whore make-up, hair done, nails perfectly red. It also means, freshly shaven pussy straight back, breast shot forward, legs slightly spread, on alert for smallest command. she prepared the dinner of course in her full attire, and she knew that she’d get beaten if she delivered anything less than delicious. Lovely candle light dinner. By desert, on command, she knelt on the floor by her Owner’s feet. Such a sweet little creature could of course not go un-tortured through the dinner. Told to shut her eyes and remain quiet (to not ruin the elegant atmosphere of the dinner), her bare thighs were slowly coated in wax while her Owner peacefully finished the excellent desert. she took the pain elegantly as ordered, very quietly flinching at each drop. Indeed a good slave, tasty whore, and a candle light dinner of the best sort.