Master and slave being separated temporarily. In the midst of the day:
“Get naked”
“Yes Master”
“Get on your knees”
“Yes Master”
“Show your submission”
“Yes Master”
“Take a photo send it asap”
“Yes Master”
“Remain in position until I approved the pic”
“Yes Master”
“Good little girl!”
“Thanks Master”
The slave must be ready to show her submission at any time. her Owner has a constant craving for it. It does not matter if she is busy, or not in “the mood”, she must obey. she is raped straight from sleeping, face slapped in everyday situations, and dragged away on an instant for a disciplinary caning. her Owner thrives from the feeling of manhandling slave at anytime. And she must be prepared for it. Always being prepared for that makes her intensely beautiful. And she wants to be beautiful for her Owner. Right!?

the slave’s pain is her Owner’ pleasure. He is a sadist that enjoys torturing her. she knows that her suffering makes her useful and valuable for her Owner. she is trained to learn the beauty of her pain, and made understand how sweet that makes her Owner feel. she must learn to cherish it, and appreciate that her Owner makes sure she is put to good use. the slave’s temporary physical pain producing her Owner’s mental satisfaction: obviously her pain is a minor price to pay. she had no say in the matter, but she can be forced to appreciate it. she is constantly trained and habituated to inject this into her mind. slave is being perfected.

Pain as painkiller. slave had been bad. Really bad. she know it. And she confessed before being found out. she had severely disappointed her Owner. Predictably, the pure little slave was hit by a truckload of anxiety and self-loathing. she had to be severely punished, disciplined and re-trained, but there were temporarily impeding circumstances, making immediate consequences to be administered from a distance. her inner pain had to be dampened and moved from her mind to her body. Clothes pins on pussy, nipples, inner thighs and tongue. Hard. Many. Long time. These ten pins the slave was forced to apply herself, but when done, she had to redo it because only two were in the inner pussy lips (where it hurts excruciatingly). There should have been four on the inner lips. Time went on, her pain was “unbearable” and (close to) uncontrollable. Eventually, she had suffered enough for the day, bridging her to the proper punishment next day. she was caned harder than she ever had….

Can a woman ever assume a more beautiful position? A more natural state? On her knees, bowing her neck, serving her man, doing her outmost to please and pleasure. The place every woman should appreciate. This woman-slave has been thoroughly trained through explanation what it is aimed for, through brutal caning, and through habituation. it knows this is its place and serves anytime, anywhere, in any way its Owner demands. it knows it has no chance to choose otherwise. And just watch how the light rewards it, how it shines from within, and what a magic aura that surrounds it. This makes the slave utterly beautiful.

It is such a lovely feeling….knowing you can do anything you like with a slave and there is nothing she can do to stop you, neither physically, nor mentally….what would you prefer to do to this object? Simply rape her? Fill her anally? A straight whipping? Fasten the Japanese clovers to her lips and take her for a walk? Tie her up and let her beautify your view while you work? Or tell her to dress up like a perfect whore and take her for a dinner? Initiate a lengthy session of obedience training? Or call your friends and use her all night? Or force (the little prudish one) to beg for cock all evening? So many opportunities. Let Me know what you’d do with this little slave if you could do anything.

A new member to the process of subduing, disciplining and breaking the little slavegirl has arrived. It is a handmade Czech bullwhip made of finest leather and with deep commitment. It is light and agile, but also heavy and brutal. It combines the strength in a tall single tail whip, with the precision of a stern cane. the slave has tasted it already and it is fabulously effective. Now, when I bring it out, the slavegirl whimpers and squirms in plain fear and true horror even before the first mark is beautifying her. Yesterday, she had to be tied done properly to keep her in place while she was whipped. Even so, her Owner has only landed the whip playfully so far, awaiting a need for deep punishment of the slave. she is forced to respect, honour, and love her new tormentor.
“Kiss the whip and thank her Owner for disciplining her!”
“Yes Sir!”

Chained, naked, and at the floor. This is a natural place for a slave. she may sleep in the bed in order to serve her Owner or nurse the baby, or b’coz her Owner decides she shall. But she can never expect that she is worthy (or have any right). On the floor in crude chains is her place. This is where she is the most beautiful for her Owner. Naked and vulnerable, ready to be used and abused….by her Owner or someone He has decided can use her. Chained. Naked. On the floor.

slave is being disciplined that she at all times must obey, serve and satisfy her Owner’s cock. There must never ever be any hesitation, resistance or second thoughts about this. her Owner’s cock is her church; the full satisfaction of her Owner is her imperative. she knows that she will be thoroughly beaten should she fail even in the slightest. she must know deep inside that disrespecting the cock will make her fall into deep anxiety, self-doubt and is not allowed to happen. This is her Owners responsibility to make sure it does not, can not, happen. It must be relentlessly hammered into the slavewhore’s mind, be made into an unalienable part of what and who she is. There is no other option, no scenario, and no life for her where this can be negotiated. This is her core purpose and shall be repeated to her over and over, week after week, year after year. It shall define her.