A new member to the process of subduing, disciplining and breaking the little slavegirl has arrived. It is a handmade Czech bullwhip made of finest leather and with deep commitment. It is light and agile, but also heavy and brutal. It combines the strength in a tall single tail whip, with the precision of a stern cane. the slave has tasted it already and it is fabulously effective. Now, when I bring it out, the slavegirl whimpers and squirms in plain fear and true horror even before the first mark is beautifying her. Yesterday, she had to be tied done properly to keep her in place while she was whipped. Even so, her Owner has only landed the whip playfully so far, awaiting a need for deep punishment of the slave. she is forced to respect, honour, and love her new tormentor.
“Kiss the whip and thank her Owner for disciplining her!”
“Yes Sir!”

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