Any advice is welcome please. My Sir isn’t ready to ‘commit’ in a traditional sense yet, however it’s hard for me to be motivated to keep up my tasks. I’ve asked for an in between collar or training collar, but still waiting. Is there anything I can do to make sure my service is meaningful to him other than outright asking LoL. I feel that it is in my heart, but we are at a plateau.

Assuming he is a man of principles, avoiding to commit is a bad sign (would he be a lying and deceiving man it would of course be worse). Without a collar it is hard to believe in sincerity and long/ term engagement. In “in-between” it is hard to be a good sub/slave. Show your Dom/Master/Owner that you need more and long-term, observe reactions. At some point you will need to realize that if He does not commit, you need to move on. A good Master must show/tell/guarantee He is in for the long term.

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