The little slavewhore is currently orgasm-trained. her Owner was not happy with the discipline of the slave and the focus of the whore, and decided she needed a phase of training. For now she is forced close to orgasm several times a day, kept on the brink of cumming for up to half an hour at the time, and denied orgasm for weeks at the time. her sense of knowing who owns her orgasms shall be reinforced, her everyday capability of coming close to orgasms shall be strengthened, and the depth and intensity of orgasms shall be heightened. Moreover, when she is allowed to cum, it is only after having been severely caned/whipped, or having been through a session of anal training (or of course in connection to being anally raped by her Owner!). It is beautiful to force her close to orgasm, deny her, and then use her. her Owner may develop a habit….

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