The little slavewhore is currently orgasm-trained. her Owner was not happy with the discipline of the slave and the focus of the whore, and decided she needed a phase of training. For now she is forced close to orgasm several times a day, kept on the brink of cumming for up to half an hour at the time, and denied orgasm for weeks at the time. her sense of knowing who owns her orgasms shall be reinforced, her everyday capability of coming close to orgasms shall be strengthened, and the depth and intensity of orgasms shall be heightened. Moreover, when she is allowed to cum, it is only after having been severely caned/whipped, or having been through a session of anal training (or of course in connection to being anally raped by her Owner!). It is beautiful to force her close to orgasm, deny her, and then use her. her Owner may develop a habit….

Orgasm training in progress. The horny little whore has been kept from orgasms for four days now. And she has been edging repeatedly, dancing on the brink of cuming. she is told at any time through the day to cum close to orgasm, and she must comply irrespective of her mood. In this moment, orgasm training has three angles: firstly, she has just been disciplined with the cane. she is trained to get horny from being beaten. This is a cute little fetish of her Owner. So after the beating she has one minute to be ready to cum for her Owner, or the disciplining is repeated again and again until she is ready. This is a regular feature of her disciplining and she is responding well to her training. Occasionally she has to be beaten again, but mostly she is at the right spot in time. Secondly, the little whore is here alternatively told to cum close and to stop the vibrator. she shall remain close to orgasm even user “stop-periods”. When she is ordered to start the vibrator again she must cum close within 15 seconds or she will get a deep red stripe on her inner thigh. The cane is constantly smoothly dancing on her thighs to remind her. Thirdly, and obviously, she is forced brutally close to orgasm, but trained to never ever cum without her Owner ordering her (and when/if He does, she shall cum immediately). It is hard for her, but she never ever cums without permission. What do you all think? Should her Owner keep her in denial-state, or should He tie her up and force her to three consecutive deep and hard orgasms?

Orgasm control works miracles for a horny little whore. A photo from a few months back. A beautiful moment. Keep her out of orgasms, force her to edge, put her in a constant horny state of mind. This is where we want our slave’s, right? Beat her and she gets horny. Degrade her and she gets horny. Rape her and she gets horny. Torture her and she gets horny. Make her believe that This Time she will be allowed to orgasm, as soon as she is sufficiently humiliated….but of course she was not humiliated enough. But Now, This Time she will be allowed if she pursues her training meticulously …almost but not really good enough. But Now when she took a severe beating without moving or whining she will be allowed….but she did actually move her ass at stroke 37 (that hit inside the thigh), so maybe next time? So sweet, and her Owner is seriously enjoying Himself. But sadly all good things come to an end, also orgasm denial. Why not place her naked on the floor, tell her that if she spreads her legs and makes herself cum close with her Owner’s shoe, she will be allowed to cum. It took some time before her Owner was pleased with the width of her spreading, her submissive demeanor, the depth of submission, and the intensity of her edging. But then, finally, she was given the Magic Word. “CUM!” She did, beautifully. Orgasm control is essential, and denial is sweet.