Really appreciate your blogging the journey of enslaving and posting personal photos. I thought they were real time photos until I read a baby girl was born. Except for a couple of shots where the girl showed a thickish middrif no where do the photos reveal a pregnant girl under training. Are the photos reblog of journey prior to big tummy showing? Thank you for shiwing the journey of enslavement.

Clever observation. 95% of the pics are posted in real time in the everyday flow of life. Occasionally a pic from the Owner’s vast archive inspires and the moment is recalled. During her pregnancy the same rationale was applied except that photos were often taken in order to not prematurely expose the pregnancy. The slave did not gain much weight, so for a long time this was not too difficult. The exception was a handful explicit pics which were held back but rapidly posted once pregnancy was declared (which is what you observed). Moreover, of the approximately 400 posts only one is not our original pic. the slave shall be exposed as brutally as possible in her real life and in her journey. That is the idea.

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