Pain as painkiller. slave had been bad. Really bad. she know it. And she confessed before being found out. she had severely disappointed her Owner. Predictably, the pure little slave was hit by a truckload of anxiety and self-loathing. she had to be severely punished, disciplined and re-trained, but there were temporarily impeding circumstances, making immediate consequences to be administered from a distance. her inner pain had to be dampened and moved from her mind to her body. Clothes pins on pussy, nipples, inner thighs and tongue. Hard. Many. Long time. These ten pins the slave was forced to apply herself, but when done, she had to redo it because only two were in the inner pussy lips (where it hurts excruciatingly). There should have been four on the inner lips. Time went on, her pain was “unbearable” and (close to) uncontrollable. Eventually, she had suffered enough for the day, bridging her to the proper punishment next day. she was caned harder than she ever had….

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