Nothing is more inspiring than a little bitch handing her Owner the cane for a well deserved punishment. Trembling a little, fearing the pain, yet knowing that she will get what she deserves. Even more importantly, she knows there is no way to get away from it, and even the smallest resistance renders sharpened punishment. Neither are words articulating complaints, nor movements aiming to avoid punishment allowed. Improved li’l bitch….one beating at the time.

Online slave training proceeds. Trainer was not happy with her one morning. It was decided she needed physical punishment. As the crime was not severe, only 5 harsh strikes with the crudest belt was decided upon. Owner executed and added another 5 strikes for other minor transgressions. slave’s Ass turned red and pink. she is now caught in an iron triangle with teachings, trainings, mental conditioning, and physical disciplining. There is no escape for her. Training continues.

Beaten, broken and raped. Repeatedly. Finally at ease, falling asleep kissing her Owner’s feet. In her place. And indeed, she had earned the spot at her Owner’s feet, serving hard under the whip and the cane. First some stern punishments for dis-respect. Then some disciplining for keeping standards up. Finally, some lengthy, sheer sadistic, pleasure, as adviced by the slave-trainer, entirely for Owner’s and Trainer’s benefit. A blissful eve.

slave is taken into a new phase of training. It is at the same time a restart and an acceleration of her submission. The aim is to (re-)cement the foundations, while also establish the Absolute and the Total. One of many strategies is to slowly, step by step establish the basic values a good slave should harbour. her Owner has unintentionally let her slip and it must be remedied. In addition to her Owner, an experienced slave trainer was engaged, and she will be worked over from several directions, in her mind and her body. Here her trainer improves her “…since you already confessed your bad behaviour in finding and staying in your place I have no other choice than ask Owner to give you extra punishment that comes from me.” her trainer sentenced her to 7 medium and 3 hard strikes with the harsh cane; her Owner executed the punishment. We were pleased with the result: if you look carefully, you can see exact the 7 minor, and the 3 major stripes. And if you could hear the slave’s whining and whimpering, you (or at least the sadists among us) would enjoy it too. It will be repeated until the right behaviour is firmly in place. One core value at the time….

Pain as painkiller. slave had been bad. Really bad. she know it. And she confessed before being found out. she had severely disappointed her Owner. Predictably, the pure little slave was hit by a truckload of anxiety and self-loathing. she had to be severely punished, disciplined and re-trained, but there were temporarily impeding circumstances, making immediate consequences to be administered from a distance. her inner pain had to be dampened and moved from her mind to her body. Clothes pins on pussy, nipples, inner thighs and tongue. Hard. Many. Long time. These ten pins the slave was forced to apply herself, but when done, she had to redo it because only two were in the inner pussy lips (where it hurts excruciatingly). There should have been four on the inner lips. Time went on, her pain was “unbearable” and (close to) uncontrollable. Eventually, she had suffered enough for the day, bridging her to the proper punishment next day. she was caned harder than she ever had….

A Singapore cane is an 1,2 meter long rattan cane used in the official penalty system. Those sentenced to strokes from the cane is supervised by a medical team, and padded over sensitive body parts such as kidneys and neck. The power of the cane is of the magnitude that it must not hit the wrong spot. No more than 24 strokes is ever allowed in the Singapore system. If we add the information that the slave crudely lost discipline on her slave protocol, you have all the info you need to understand the picture correctly. This time she was tied up to remain in place. But 24 was not enough…let see if her striped ass was sufficient to regain discipline. If not there is more to come….

The slave was reckless with one of her routine duties. she was immediately punished. The shorter the distance between crime and punishment, the better the disciplinary effect. That is true for dogs, and slaves. And if anyone is concerned she gets away too easily, you may not fully realize how tender nipples are in late pregnancy. A small episode in everyday life.

Of course her wrongdoings are punished, now as always. Pain is a cornerstone in disciplining the slave and it is being regularly administered in order to help her becoming a better slave for her Owner. Pain scares her. That is good and useful. It makes her comply more easily. her Owner enjoys causing her pain. It drives His brutal lust and raw pleasure. she knows that and is trained to appreciate that her pain is her Owner’s pleasure, and to be proud she can can be the source for this in such a beautiful way. she is also consequently trained to get wet and horny from being punished. she knows that a caning goes on until her Owned is pleased with her state of wetness. And she knows that the harder she is beaten, the greater chance that she will be allowed to cum afterwards. she is also trained that a day without being used, disciplined or punished can never be a really good day. the Owner is intent to give her an endless string of good days.

Crimes and punishment. It is nice when they are tightly connected, forming a symmetry, carrying the qualities of a well-tuned dance portraying the perpetrator and the victim and their proper positions. Right? Dostoyevsky struggled to get that morally right and poetically attractive for decades. Let’s simplify it! It could be crude (100 lashes for disrespectful language), and it could be an articulation of more poetic justice. The slavegirl’s Owner has a weak spot for the latter (and to be fair, for the former too). The slave shall always – always, 24/7, 365 irrespective – pick up the phone when her Owner calls her. One early morning, the sound was off and her Owner called 28 consecutive times with no response (and Yes, He called for a good reason although that does not matter). A bad slave, and an unhappy Owner. 14 clothes pins on her most sensitive areas, namely the inner thighs and on the pussy lips, for 14 minutes. It was delivering excruciating pains every minute, just what she needed and deserved. Those versed in poetry, symmetry and maths ask where the other half of the “28” went!? Another “14” were saved for the completion of the punishment somewhat later. Balance and restoration. Crimes and punishment.