Crimes and punishment. It is nice when they are tightly connected, forming a symmetry, carrying the qualities of a well-tuned dance portraying the perpetrator and the victim and their proper positions. Right? Dostoyevsky struggled to get that morally right and poetically attractive for decades. Let’s simplify it! It could be crude (100 lashes for disrespectful language), and it could be an articulation of more poetic justice. The slavegirl’s Owner has a weak spot for the latter (and to be fair, for the former too). The slave shall always – always, 24/7, 365 irrespective – pick up the phone when her Owner calls her. One early morning, the sound was off and her Owner called 28 consecutive times with no response (and Yes, He called for a good reason although that does not matter). A bad slave, and an unhappy Owner. 14 clothes pins on her most sensitive areas, namely the inner thighs and on the pussy lips, for 14 minutes. It was delivering excruciating pains every minute, just what she needed and deserved. Those versed in poetry, symmetry and maths ask where the other half of the “28” went!? Another “14” were saved for the completion of the punishment somewhat later. Balance and restoration. Crimes and punishment.

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