The slave was caught with a pussy not properly kept, deviating from her Owner’s preferences., It was not shaven and not perfectly smooth. Naturally, a pussywhipping followed to give her a lesson. First she was whipped with the leatherbelt between her legs from behind while she was standing up legs apart. When she got so sore she could not stand properly, she was laid in the bed on her back with her head towards her Owner and told to keep her legs spread. Then the leather belt pussywhipping continued. Every time she flinched and moved to close her legs, extra lashes were added. she must be perfectly obedient in all situations, her Owner enjoyed Himself as her pussy got raw and she struggled at every lash to keep her legs spread wide and nice. Eventually, she had had enough of whipping, and as often when tortured, she was forced to orgasm in order to associate her torturing with pleasure. It is rare that she is allowed to cum without first being tortured and rare that she is tortured without being forced to cum. A sweet connection. Let us see if her pussy now remains smooth at all times.

It is such a sweet feeling, swinging the cane with full force, without holding back, and with no hesitation. The house is empty and no screaming can be heard. The slave knew she had been bad and will not even try to beg for lenience (not even her hug-buddy teddy bear will save her). This time she is tied up properly coz her Owner does not want any disturbance whatsoever during the execution of her punishment. No sweet rattan, no soft leather whip, no nonsense….just an iron strong bamboo stick of just the right weight to land hard, deep and with precision. A beautiful cloud of wellbeing spreading for each stroke harder than the last, and knowing she deserved them all. Soon she will be pure again, ready to serve with a light soul, a lovely mind, and a body ripe to give pleasure. It was harder than usual. Bliss and beauty. Order restored.

As was promised in the previous post, a pic and a text of her proper punishment should follow. Here it comes. There are few everyday moments that are more beautiful than the one where the slave is commanded on her knees, whereas her Owner simultaneously slides the heavy leather belt from His trousers with a well-known sound. (A leather belt rapidly pulled out from its trousers make a lovely sound!). she was given a proper work-over with the belt. The slave screamed, squirmed and moaned (perhaps even cried a little?), but she remained obediently is position – training pays off!. 😉 A lovely spice to the event was – and remember she is prudish – that she is whipped in a panoramic hotel room window clear, lights on, and several similar buildings around. Chances are high that someone in the nearby buildings were amused watching a sweet li’l slave getting what she deserved with a leather belt. Torturing her as deep as she deserves using only a belt, it must be swung with full force! So chances are that neighbors heard it too.


Although  at times a fine line, there is a difference between Disciplining and Punishment. Disciplining is a reminder, correction, and a fine-tuning of the slave’s posture, attitude, and adherence to rules and ideals. It shall be modest in pain, but consistent, placing the slave in a hazy state of mind, with forced full attention to what is being done to her. She shall of course be vulnerable and helpless, feeling a little bit of fear. It shall be approaching the limit to what it can stand yet being perceptive what she is told, hence being able to reap the fruit of her training. Punishment is different. Punishment is a response to a clear wrongdoing by the slave, preferably defined by her Owner to depth and extension in beforehand (but not necessarily told to the slave). The slave’s fault shall be clearly pointed out beforehand and she shall be told it is not acceptable. The ordeal and the pain of the slave shall be of the magnitude that she never wants to experience it again, and therefore is convinced that she will adapt fully to the demands of her Owner. This clip is a minor part of a punishment session. Enjoy….


In her right place again. Where she shall be. As you dear followers have seen her before. she neglected for a moment her primary duty, disappointed her Owner, and she did this with an ugly face. Later she was severely beaten, for an extended period of time. The more beaten she gets, the better she turns out, and the more beautiful she emerges. It was hard for her, but, as we know, worthwhile. Here, in her place, the slave thanks her Owner for being harshly beaten making her fully understands her failure. The slave gratefully kisses her Owner’s feet for His care and for being improved. Always beautiful in her place.

she had been bad. she is caned more or less every day, and she is often pussywhipped with the soft leatherwhip. But she is rarely caned straight across the pussy and the clit. she was yesterday. she suffered beautifully. she had been eating chocolate without permission and she had been going to bed later than prescribed. Both was a violation of her well-known rules and cannot be accepted. Not now, not never. Sore pussy or not!

It is important to instill a feeling of helplessness with the slave in the presence of her Owner. she shall know deep down that resistance is futile, hopeless and impossible. Any opposition is rendering harsher treatment, less movement, and a feeling of failure with the slavegirl. To keep her in strict bondage or tightly chained while she is awaiting punishment (and keeps thinking of what it may contain while realizing she can do nothing to alter it) is a sweet way of reinforcing the right feeling. Here a crude chain around her waist, tightly stretched through ass cleavage, hugging pussy and clit. Her ankles are crossed, tied together and connected to her neck-collar, forcing her to humbly bend over. Arms with cuffs are secured with a rope to a hook in the ceiling. It could all be tighter, but she is to stay for a while, and it is perfectly secure from escaping. Lovely to keep her there while her Owner is doing his stuff. Soon it is time for her…..

Although routinely subjected to severe disciplining, punishment and sexual torture of various forms and shades, the slave still fears the simple clothes pins. Isn’t that lovely? Here she deserved a treat, a zipper. But not so easy….the pins were on until they hurt unbearably….then nothing but slow and growing pain…then a little tug….then nothing but the pain taking over the slave’s mind….then suddenly the rope and the pins are torn off in one big movement, the pain (and the fear) peaking…the adrenaline rushes through the body, the pulse jumps to extreme levels, and the slave’s slow moaning of pain reaches the hurt animal’s scream in death agony. Five seconds later, the slave’s pain gives way to the glowing feeling of peace, a satisfaction to be put back in place, and the pride of having been good to her Owner. Then she is turned around, forced onto the bed, taken by her Master, and in her dizzy mind, the only feeling left is the one of completion as her Master uses her deep and hard. Pins are lovely.

Although slave knows she is not allowed, at a weak moment, she tried to hide herself from her Owner. she tried to protect a tiny bit of privacy, and keep a shred of decency. This is not good for her: she shall be exposed and degraded at all times, never being permitted a shield towards her Owner. her inner core is beautiful and shall be open for her Owner to fully enjoy. It is not for her to deny her Owner Anything He wants from her. Forgetful (or a tiny bit of feisty), she needed to be re-trained on this. When needing to pee, she was put in the bathtube and told she stays there untill she peed herself. A dog lifts its leg, but she was not even allowed that, but just to sit still, just peeing as soon as she could, lower than a dog, dirtier than a bitch in the street. she found it horrible, but she also knew there was nothing she could do to alter the punishment. she deserved it, needed it, and obeyed swiftly. Then she was lovingly rinsed and washed all over her body and face with her own cold pee. Still horrible, still nothing she could do to impact how she was treated. her being, bowing to the realization that her Owner decided she deserved it. Owned and helpless she complied with whatever her Owner demanded from her. Eventually, b’coz of her beautiful submission, she was granted a hot shower to make herself beautiful for her Owner again. Humbled and lovely.

In the deep rural areas, at a naked attic, with a nude slave in serious need of correction. Ropes around the waist, in between ass cheeks, tightly hugging the pussy (or grinding some would say), but circling (hence saving for later use) the clit, and then up around the beams and back stretching the arms strictly. If she pulls the arms even a little, the rope will be pulled back, torturing the pussy. she needs to remain on her toes, or the rope will deliver excruciating pain. Then the whipping begins: 150 lashes (although with far less than full force) with the feared Mexican bullwhip. 150 was decided on beforehand and her pleading and praying for mercy was of course to no avail. The slave’s lesson to learn during this session was to take her Owner’s instructions seriously, triggered by a previous failure to do so.