It is important to instill a feeling of helplessness with the slave in the presence of her Owner. she shall know deep down that resistance is futile, hopeless and impossible. Any opposition is rendering harsher treatment, less movement, and a feeling of failure with the slavegirl. To keep her in strict bondage or tightly chained while she is awaiting punishment (and keeps thinking of what it may contain while realizing she can do nothing to alter it) is a sweet way of reinforcing the right feeling. Here a crude chain around her waist, tightly stretched through ass cleavage, hugging pussy and clit. Her ankles are crossed, tied together and connected to her neck-collar, forcing her to humbly bend over. Arms with cuffs are secured with a rope to a hook in the ceiling. It could all be tighter, but she is to stay for a while, and it is perfectly secure from escaping. Lovely to keep her there while her Owner is doing his stuff. Soon it is time for her…..

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