she is a tough one. Courageous and durable. But several sequences of face-slapping, interrupted by stern words putting her in her right place does the trick. Dolled up to perfection, hands on the back, and no attempts to avoid the face-slapping allowed, eventually make her yield her oh-so-beautiful tears. And with that the mental shields come down, false dignity vanes, and the hope of ever being able to protect herself from the Owner’s will disappears. she is where she needs to be.

A slavegirl’s primary duty is to please and pleasure her Owner. This bitch makes a good job at supplying her Owner with a very visually pleasant start of the day. Does she not give the impression of being useable, rapeable, and ready for chains, whips, and disciplining training? she does and she is.

It’s all about power and control. Take her clothes off, secure her hands on her back, and put a blindfold on her. To beat and rape a slave girl for pleasure or pure sadistic cravings – sweet as it is – can anyone do. But to transfer her into a mood where her resistance is lowered and her socially acquired protection mechanisms are eliminated – into a mood where she can’t anymore hold her primal femaleness in check – is a more delicate process. Make her vulnerable and raw (naked), helpless and secured (handcuffed), and unable to anticipate what is to be done with her as well as unable to hinder that which the Owner has decided shall be done with her (blindfolded) is a good start. Add then a bit of pain to drug her with adrenalin and endorfin and she is receptacle. This will make it possible to force free the deep primal instincts which exist in any woman, and which are her core beauty. Call out the female-creature in her and nurture it. The more you free her from learned social inhibitions and false ideological aspirations burdening the modern woman, the happier she will get. And the more satisfying for the Owner.

It was a special day for Owner and slave. The little girl was a doll all day, cute, sexy and pleasant. Of course it takes a toll being uber-sweet a full day and by night she crashed in the sofa before she was used. Owner with His big heart decided to postpone the planned rape of her to another day.

It is something special with keeping your slave in irons. It is definitive, non-negotiable and durable. Nobody else but the Owner/key holder can free the slave. And the arms locked on her back makes her exposed, helpless, vulnerable and accessible. Hence beautiful. Or as in this case, ready for disciplining, warming the soul of her Owner.

Freshly showered, recently disciplined, and just unleashed from her iron bonds, she is ready to serve. Any slave, indeed any woman, shall always appear their best and make their outmost in order to please their Man/Owner. Essentially it is not even a choice as this is the most natural act a woman can pursue. And the most beautiful. The casual observer cannot tell, but this image displays at least 5 ways the slave has been trained to serve and please. she managed this well. she pleased her Owner, and did not have to be further beaten this evening.

Although romantic love is neither the core, nor the fuel for an Owner-slave relation it may very well have its place in an asymmetric, hierarchical and specific way. A slave being dependent on, vulnerable before, and lovingly adoring her Owner is the preferred emotions with slave. Affection and care, commitment, and lustfilled fascination for slave is the Owner’s feelings; like a beautiful piece of art He has proudly created (and being constantly intrigued by improving it). And which female cannot be manipulated by flowers…twisted yet another lap.

The most natural position in the world for a woman/girl: over the knees of her Owner, being told how good/bad she has been, awaiting discipline. Sometimes a light skin-smacking, and sometimes a flesh-thumping harsh palm. Either way it is deserved if Owner says so, and very natural.

A slavegirl is at her best when used. That is when she has a purpose in life. When her Owner demands her, and she complies wholly and fully, she carries meaning. And the more used she is, the more purpose she has. When she has been used well, and is being beautifully subdued, she collapses safely in her Owner’s lap under His supervision. she gathers energy for her next tasks.