It’s all about power and control. Take her clothes off, secure her hands on her back, and put a blindfold on her. To beat and rape a slave girl for pleasure or pure sadistic cravings – sweet as it is – can anyone do. But to transfer her into a mood where her resistance is lowered and her socially acquired protection mechanisms are eliminated – into a mood where she can’t anymore hold her primal femaleness in check – is a more delicate process. Make her vulnerable and raw (naked), helpless and secured (handcuffed), and unable to anticipate what is to be done with her as well as unable to hinder that which the Owner has decided shall be done with her (blindfolded) is a good start. Add then a bit of pain to drug her with adrenalin and endorfin and she is receptacle. This will make it possible to force free the deep primal instincts which exist in any woman, and which are her core beauty. Call out the female-creature in her and nurture it. The more you free her from learned social inhibitions and false ideological aspirations burdening the modern woman, the happier she will get. And the more satisfying for the Owner.

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