It is when all cuteness, surface, and nonsense are peeled off, the slavegirl’s true beauty is exposed. When subjected to brutal power, helpless, with her Owner’s will filling her to the finest fiber, she feels most complete. And it is when being used and being useful, sensing Owner ruling her totally with no chance of escaping, she exists to her fullest. Real, hard and merciless. Luckily for the little girl – or maybe not – her Owner has a fetish for her orgasms. To create them, force them, and to repeat them at will, irrespective of her desires.

Although it is massive, it is not the physical pleasure that drives Owner’s training of and demands on slave. To force the cock all the way down slave’s throat despite her difficulties to take it, is a beautiful and natural act of establishing and reinforcing hierarchy. If Owner demands it, she complies irrespective. she knows she never has a choice, and that is beautiful. It is even more beautiful, to train her to master it every time, and perform dutifully knowing deep inside that is it is the most natural act for any women to please her Man. It improves slave and makes her truly pleasant and useful. And it makes Owner proud of His little girl.

Women need to be able to please their men. In order to do that they must be culled, made to understand their place, and they need to be trained to master the techniques. In addition, each woman should see it as the ultimate duty of womanhood to satisfy their Man to the fullest. Marriages would be happier and more durable, and society would be less tense. Here the slave is trained in simple cock-pleasing techniques: an hour of effort and a life-time of pleasing better.

It’s all about power and control. Take her clothes off, secure her hands on her back, and put a blindfold on her. To beat and rape a slave girl for pleasure or pure sadistic cravings – sweet as it is – can anyone do. But to transfer her into a mood where her resistance is lowered and her socially acquired protection mechanisms are eliminated – into a mood where she can’t anymore hold her primal femaleness in check – is a more delicate process. Make her vulnerable and raw (naked), helpless and secured (handcuffed), and unable to anticipate what is to be done with her as well as unable to hinder that which the Owner has decided shall be done with her (blindfolded) is a good start. Add then a bit of pain to drug her with adrenalin and endorfin and she is receptacle. This will make it possible to force free the deep primal instincts which exist in any woman, and which are her core beauty. Call out the female-creature in her and nurture it. The more you free her from learned social inhibitions and false ideological aspirations burdening the modern woman, the happier she will get. And the more satisfying for the Owner.

Trained and culled, exhausted and aching, the slavegirl obeys and serves. she follows her orders selflessly and always provides the highest pleasure she possibly can for her Owner (and other Men her Owner allows her to pleasure). her pleasure is secondary to her Owner’s. she works tirelessly. As a good little girl should.

Freshly showered, recently disciplined, and just unleashed from her iron bonds, she is ready to serve. Any slave, indeed any woman, shall always appear their best and make their outmost in order to please their Man/Owner. Essentially it is not even a choice as this is the most natural act a woman can pursue. And the most beautiful. The casual observer cannot tell, but this image displays at least 5 ways the slave has been trained to serve and please. she managed this well. she pleased her Owner, and did not have to be further beaten this evening.

All women should get trained, habituated, and made to appreciate it. It is beautiful, intimate, and a strict reminder of respective hierarchy and status. The little slavegirl takes her Owner’s golden shower and tries to swallow as much as possible. It is a lovely act and gives her Owner a simple and sweet, yet hard, pleasure every time. A divine moment.

Online training can be very useful for an obedient and committed slavegirl. Here, in front of a computer, directed by a trainer, slave is obeying each and every command. The slave is improved with the help of facial slaps, nipple pinching, and brutal hairbrush pussy-beating. Owner is assisting or simply enjoying the view of His tormented slave. Harsh and intensive punishment combined with enforced horniness and – if the slave has been really obedient and suffered deeply – orgasms. Orgasms are typically demanded, and ripped out of her. Pain is eventually transformed into a feeling of exhaustion and satisfaction. The slavegirl is made a little bit better again.

The slavegirl is of course trained to suck any cock to perfection. But the bitch is under renewed training, and training is never concluded. The cock shall all the way down and be fondled according to instructions. This requires consistent training and reinvigorated enthusiasm. Halfway compromises are not an option. Training goes on.

Both bitches are broken and put in their place, under, subdued, forced to the floor. Beaten, raped, forced to orgasm for hours in an evening taking sharper and sharper turns….the other slave obeserving my slave being forced to cum repeatedly with brutal metal tools….my slave silently forced to watch her Owner’s cock be forced down the other slave’s throat till she passes out. Both utterly helpless under their Owners’ combined superior will. Used until there is no energy left….then still my slave is forced to lick the already spent slave to another orgasm….not for the orgasm but for the completion of the destruction of any resistance or false dignity. Then, the beautiful quiet space with the other slave resting on my chest and my slave collapsing as close as she is allowed. Spent and broken bitches, beautiful in their full submission.