Caught with some infringements on her code of behavior, and using words she is not allowed to use, she needed correction. That her Owner just received the long anticipated package of fresh rattan canes was an additional bonus. Strung up in a strict cross, with her ass in the air, she was perfectly arranged and fully accessible for a long session. her Owner demands routinely that she takes punishments without moving even if not tied up, but for now He is emphasizing the fact that she cannot in any way whatsoever avoid that her Owner beats her as He prefers. There is simply nothing she can do. Nothing. she shall learn to ride the pain, not try to resist it. her Owner has decided and she has no right to oppose her Owner’s decision. The new canes enjoyed themselves from her upper arms down to her soles and back again. Eventually, her Ass was in focus, being lengthily beaten while she relentlessly repeated a mantra improving her sense of slavehood. A long and beautiful night.


Sometimes the little slavegirl needs to be kept really strict. she is not to be given any choice. Forced tight under her Owner’s immediate control. No chance to escape. No alternative. No space. No choice of her own. No illusion of her taking any decision or having any power at all. she exist on her Owner’s conditions and breathes only when her Owner allows it. it is good for her to feel absolutely controlled.

Please note that the intoxicating feeling of being completely helpless and controlled is a feeling that the slave desperately needs and craves. Respectfully 566-813-622

A bitch caught and tamed. A girl enslaved. No talking. No expression. Trained like an animal ready to be put to use. Waiting quietly with her eyes downcast. Tied up and helpless she focusses on the spot she has been told to until further notice. Scared, yet horny. Blank in her mind, in her spot. Ready for her Owner’s cruelties. A beautiful slave in a desirable state of mind. A piece of highly valued property.

It is important to instill a feeling of helplessness with the slave in the presence of her Owner. she shall know deep down that resistance is futile, hopeless and impossible. Any opposition is rendering harsher treatment, less movement, and a feeling of failure with the slavegirl. To keep her in strict bondage or tightly chained while she is awaiting punishment (and keeps thinking of what it may contain while realizing she can do nothing to alter it) is a sweet way of reinforcing the right feeling. Here a crude chain around her waist, tightly stretched through ass cleavage, hugging pussy and clit. Her ankles are crossed, tied together and connected to her neck-collar, forcing her to humbly bend over. Arms with cuffs are secured with a rope to a hook in the ceiling. It could all be tighter, but she is to stay for a while, and it is perfectly secure from escaping. Lovely to keep her there while her Owner is doing his stuff. Soon it is time for her…..

Tossed around. Whipped. Tied. Taken down. Broken. Helpless. Never as beautiful as when she is down as low as she can get, blank in her mind, void of resistance and empty of any other thoughts than those her Owner puts in her head. This is her place, where she thrives, and where she shall be.

Although slave knows she is not allowed, at a weak moment, she tried to hide herself from her Owner. she tried to protect a tiny bit of privacy, and keep a shred of decency. This is not good for her: she shall be exposed and degraded at all times, never being permitted a shield towards her Owner. her inner core is beautiful and shall be open for her Owner to fully enjoy. It is not for her to deny her Owner Anything He wants from her. Forgetful (or a tiny bit of feisty), she needed to be re-trained on this. When needing to pee, she was put in the bathtube and told she stays there untill she peed herself. A dog lifts its leg, but she was not even allowed that, but just to sit still, just peeing as soon as she could, lower than a dog, dirtier than a bitch in the street. she found it horrible, but she also knew there was nothing she could do to alter the punishment. she deserved it, needed it, and obeyed swiftly. Then she was lovingly rinsed and washed all over her body and face with her own cold pee. Still horrible, still nothing she could do to impact how she was treated. her being, bowing to the realization that her Owner decided she deserved it. Owned and helpless she complied with whatever her Owner demanded from her. Eventually, b’coz of her beautiful submission, she was granted a hot shower to make herself beautiful for her Owner again. Humbled and lovely.

Appreciate with me the beauty of this set-up: i) A wide leather collar fastened tightly with a chain to a hook in the ceiling. ii) Japanese clover clamps that are sharply biting the nipples, stretching them, securing them by the wooden plank that is pulling them down by its sheer weight. iii) Ropes stretched to the sides of the bed, softly securing that her hands cannot meddle, change her position, or to protect herself whatsoever. Helpless. Vulnerable. Open. iv). All is perfectly balanced and measured with the chain-clamps-ropes such that she remains in a very tiresome halfway position between standing on straight arms or on elbows. she “can” move but doing that will either suffocate her or bring excruciating pain to her nipples. And she “cannot” move, but she will soon get tired in her arms, buckling….We are in no hurry. she is secured like a wild animal prepared for her treatment. Now to the the story behind the set-up…

The slavegirl was lent out and told to behave. Unconditionally obeying another Dom. Submitting, pleasing, following, enjoying. Brutally manhandled with steelrods that filled her pussy to the limit, she soon flows in to, and through, an orgasm that rips her from the inside. Helplessly floating in her space, dominated by minds, hands, and the raw steel, she is soft and beautifully submitted. And it does not stop there, the evening is young, and the slavegirl has much left to endure and to enjoy…

There we go. Outdoor season is officially opened. Endless of possibilities arise. A slave naked, tied, helpless, alone. It may be a detail – she forgot to act on a minor everyday task she got from her Owner – but these “minor” things have occurred three times the last week and can’t be dismissed without correction. It is wreckless, nonchalant, arrogant, and simply not good enough for the slave. she needs to be taught better. she needs to be taught better b’coz her Owner demands her full attention; not a tiny piece of it. And also, she is at her most beautiful when she is iron-tightly disciplined, which she wants to be for her Owner at all times. her Owner left her there to reconsider her behaviour. Sunny and sweet….but 14 degrees and a sharp wind does after all bite a naked, petite and scared li’l slavegirl….after a while an uncontrollably shaking slavegirl was not arrogant anymore. As she was caned, she probably forgot that anyone passing by might have observed her being beaten by her Owner like a disobedient stray dog. Now it is time too see if she was efficiently taught….

Harshly whipped, thoroughly taken, forced to submission, broken, naked on the floor, handcuffed, helpless. But the jewel in the evening’s crown remains: beautiful preparations are made for a serious session of wax play. The slavegirl is mentally in a position to take everything she will get, and indeed she deserves it. her Owner loves to cover her in red wax. A slow and lovely session is to begin….