Caught with some infringements on her code of behavior, and using words she is not allowed to use, she needed correction. That her Owner just received the long anticipated package of fresh rattan canes was an additional bonus. Strung up in a strict cross, with her ass in the air, she was perfectly arranged and fully accessible for a long session. her Owner demands routinely that she takes punishments without moving even if not tied up, but for now He is emphasizing the fact that she cannot in any way whatsoever avoid that her Owner beats her as He prefers. There is simply nothing she can do. Nothing. she shall learn to ride the pain, not try to resist it. her Owner has decided and she has no right to oppose her Owner’s decision. The new canes enjoyed themselves from her upper arms down to her soles and back again. Eventually, her Ass was in focus, being lengthily beaten while she relentlessly repeated a mantra improving her sense of slavehood. A long and beautiful night.

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