The slavewhore has been protected during pregnancy, allowed to be extra careful with her physical wellbeing. Now she is in a phase of her training where she is reminded and re-educated that her Owner does anything He likes with her at any time. And that there is nothing she can do to alter or impact this. her Owner has a pent-up craving for brutalizing her and for developing her services. Here, her hands are tied in front close to her throat, then the rope is stretched hard and connected to the analhook, immobilising her (if she does not chose to either strangle herself or thrash her anal). Secured like this she is thoroughly beaten with a cane, spreading her legs for perfect access (and the occasionally lash at her inside thighs), feeling that she can neither impact the length and depth of her beating, nor move at all. A good session for her. At the end, still immobilized, she is forced to a long and brutal orgasm with a relentless wand. Beatings and anal training shall be associated with ripping pleasure. Again, she has no say in the matter. she follows well and her Owner is pleased.

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