Why didn’t she have painkillers?

she thrives from being real, neither hiding nor manipulating. And absolutely not taking the easy way out. Pain is not bad when it is pure and a woman suffering for her Man is one of mankind’s oldest and loveliest stories. It is endured, it is overcome, it makes a mark in her, it makes her stronger. Excruciating pain is hard, but the recovery is beautiful. she is no stranger to pain, and she had been permeated with her Owner’s vision that out of pain comes the most beautiful beings. Hence, in part she suffered for her Owner and her coming daughter. In addition, a birth without painkillers makes the body work its miracles in the most reliable and safe way. It was hard but epically beautiful. Three days later we revisited the maternity ward and she said shyly, almost to herself viewing the room where birth took place: “she misses it. she almost wants to return right now”. Rarely has her Owner been more proud over her.

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