The slave is taken, and taught that she has two primary tasks in life. she takes care of her Owner’s babygirl and she serves her Owner’s cravings in all possible ways. For a while, birth and nursing has taken space, but now she will gradually re-focus on satisfying her Owner. Luckily (for her) her Owner enjoys a wide variety of slave’s qualities. Total submission and absolute obedience is lovely. Relentless subordination of slave’s comfort to the pleasure of her Owner’s cook is another. Belittling and humiliation is as lovely as it is important. Sadistic pain administration for disciplinary purposes and for Owner’s simple pleasure is yet another one. Binding and chaining is again hard and beautiful. And the list goes on: for her Owner, she is a princess to break. A slave to train. A whore to use. An object to enjoy. Time to re-focus her.

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