The most natural and beautiful thing in the world is the full and total submission of a woman to her Man/Owner. When she has no shred of resistance left in her and when her outmost desire is to serve and please, ready for whatever He wants to do with her or use her for, she is at her most perfect. Every woman should desire to reach this point and feel the soul-deep satisfaction that flows from such a mindset. Females everywhere should be helped to get rid of false dignities, learned inhibitions, and misleading ideas on independence and rights. This place is the only place that can ever fully satisfy a woman, returning to their natural state. As It Shall Be.

All women should get trained, habituated, and made to appreciate it. It is beautiful, intimate, and a strict reminder of respective hierarchy and status. The little slavegirl takes her Owner’s golden shower and tries to swallow as much as possible. It is a lovely act and gives her Owner a simple and sweet, yet hard, pleasure every time. A divine moment.

Tied, beaten, and hooded, pressad into that perfect mental space where she is at her most beautiful, she also feels the best. slave deserves to be there in every aspect of her being, always. A place where she is totally subdued to the Male demands, rules, and desires – sophisticated or raw as they may be – and where she is used and trained to exercise good service at all times. This is the mindset where she feels safe, where her position is clear, and where there is no chance for her to exert any will of her own. This is her place.

slave is spoiled, allowed to use the same bathroom as her Owner. As seen, she keeps the bathroom in good condition and is allowed to sit at the feet of her Owner when He showers. she is of use too; up to date she has never used the shower without first having a golden shower, being drenched, with an open mouth, swallowing. It is a delight to shower with her.

Both bitches are broken and put in their place, under, subdued, forced to the floor. Beaten, raped, forced to orgasm for hours in an evening taking sharper and sharper turns….the other slave obeserving my slave being forced to cum repeatedly with brutal metal tools….my slave silently forced to watch her Owner’s cock be forced down the other slave’s throat till she passes out. Both utterly helpless under their Owners’ combined superior will. Used until there is no energy left….then still my slave is forced to lick the already spent slave to another orgasm….not for the orgasm but for the completion of the destruction of any resistance or false dignity. Then, the beautiful quiet space with the other slave resting on my chest and my slave collapsing as close as she is allowed. Spent and broken bitches, beautiful in their full submission.

Nothing is more inspiring than a little bitch handing her Owner the cane for a well deserved punishment. Trembling a little, fearing the pain, yet knowing that she will get what she deserves. Even more importantly, she knows there is no way to get away from it, and even the smallest resistance renders sharpened punishment. Neither are words articulating complaints, nor movements aiming to avoid punishment allowed. Improved li’l bitch….one beating at the time.

”Acknowledgement of place” is a beautiful and useful phrase that we – slave and Owner – have learnt from a dear friend, Dom and bitch-teacher. It is meant for a bitch in order to teach her to accept her lowly position and inferior status. she acknowledges that she is under men, always lower, and with no expectation ever of equality or of leaving this the lowest of places. Under her Owner’s foot, although neither tied nor chained, she is locked into a position she knows is under in all meanings of the word, she must accept it. This is a beautiful way of acknowledging her correct place.

Beaten, broken and raped. Repeatedly. Finally at ease, falling asleep kissing her Owner’s feet. In her place. And indeed, she had earned the spot at her Owner’s feet, serving hard under the whip and the cane. First some stern punishments for dis-respect. Then some disciplining for keeping standards up. Finally, some lengthy, sheer sadistic, pleasure, as adviced by the slave-trainer, entirely for Owner’s and Trainer’s benefit. A blissful eve.