Still rounded from recent pregnancy, she must be brought back into discipline. This is a beauty. And this time it refers to the set-up. The anal hook pulling the slave upward, forward while the tied hands pull her downward, backward. Legs are forcibly spread and eyes blinded. In combination it fixes her in a perfectly vulnerable and useful position. she can easily be raped, ass whipped, or have her soles caned. Either way, she cannot move, cannot see what happens, and is rendered entirely helpless, while still available. Just as it shall be. A simple, but efficient, tour de force.

The slavewhore has been protected during pregnancy, allowed to be extra careful with her physical wellbeing. Now she is in a phase of her training where she is reminded and re-educated that her Owner does anything He likes with her at any time. And that there is nothing she can do to alter or impact this. her Owner has a pent-up craving for brutalizing her and for developing her services. Here, her hands are tied in front close to her throat, then the rope is stretched hard and connected to the analhook, immobilising her (if she does not chose to either strangle herself or thrash her anal). Secured like this she is thoroughly beaten with a cane, spreading her legs for perfect access (and the occasionally lash at her inside thighs), feeling that she can neither impact the length and depth of her beating, nor move at all. A good session for her. At the end, still immobilized, she is forced to a long and brutal orgasm with a relentless wand. Beatings and anal training shall be associated with ripping pleasure. Again, she has no say in the matter. she follows well and her Owner is pleased.

Sometimes she needs and deserves the harsh chains, wrapped around her petite body in layers, padlocked and fastened to frames, beams and hooks. At other times she can be kept safe, restrained and trained with more subtle methods. This is a part of an obedience training where she is led around in her hood, given commands, required to obey instantly. Only when she obeys sharply and with no hesitation whatsoever the exercise is complete. Typically, she hesitates early in the exercise, scared of not seeing, but after a time falls (from trust and exhaustion) into a more perfect state of obedience. Here, slave is in place, the anal hook is inserted, tightly strung to the ceiling, forced to her highest tip-toes, being prepared for a whipping. the slave is ordered to stay still and keep her hands on her back while she is caned harshly across the front thighs. her hands never left the position, but it took some caning (and pulling in the rope controlling the anal hook) to make her endure the cane as she should: obediently standing still, taking the pre-defined number of lashes. she was then released and the exercise went on for some time.

The li’l slave needs discipline in all walks of life. she is trained by remaining still when being caned, even in the extreme. her Master’s order – always and irrespective – being stronger than her discomforts (or extreme pain in the lil girl’s words) is the the goal. she is now good, but not good enough. she needs a bit of help to come further. Here, she is restrained by an anal hook (which this time has no tiger balm on), up to the hook in the ceiling and and back to the collar. she is scared of being choked and she has a sensitive little princess ass, so she stays still. Especially when the horizontal rope midway tightens the arrangement as is necessary to keep her in place. Now, in this position, she is very good at taking a good caning without moving around. In fact, she stays very still until she is released. her Owner can beat her in good order until she gets what she deserves. Next time she will be caned without the arrangements, but with an anal hook smeared in tiger balm waiting to be inserted and strung up if necessary….

Master cooked, as He had planned a special dinner for the eve, celebrating with slave. However, He was not pleased with the slavegirl during the day, having been mouthy and lacking in respect. So she would have to earn her dinner in a different way. Hands tied, stretched to a hook in the ceiling, and down again to an anal hook deeply inserted in its right place. Of course it was all stretched so that she had to stand on her highest toes. Master cooked with a sweet smile on his lips, and with a beautiful view, while slave was moaning and trembling. When food was done, slave was exhausted. But she had earned some food. The hard way.