So small and frail, fragile and vulnerable, yet so durable. When tied up, slapped, caned on the inner thighs, tormented to tears, one could expect this little creature to bulge. But in her right place, under her Owner, in training, she grows better and stronger with each and every blow. Disciplined and improved for her Owner’s pleasure, her mind rests and enjoys.

Caught with some infringements on her code of behavior, and using words she is not allowed to use, she needed correction. That her Owner just received the long anticipated package of fresh rattan canes was an additional bonus. Strung up in a strict cross, with her ass in the air, she was perfectly arranged and fully accessible for a long session. her Owner demands routinely that she takes punishments without moving even if not tied up, but for now He is emphasizing the fact that she cannot in any way whatsoever avoid that her Owner beats her as He prefers. There is simply nothing she can do. Nothing. she shall learn to ride the pain, not try to resist it. her Owner has decided and she has no right to oppose her Owner’s decision. The new canes enjoyed themselves from her upper arms down to her soles and back again. Eventually, her Ass was in focus, being lengthily beaten while she relentlessly repeated a mantra improving her sense of slavehood. A long and beautiful night.

Recovering from pregnancy and birth, her Owner is gradually taking her back to previous levels of brutality. her body can now again be beaten all over without hurting the baby, and she can again be tossed around, tied, and, abused freely. her Owner is here preparing her for a perfect deepthroat by caning her to deep submission before using her. Naked, with luscious breasts, hands tied to a hook in the ceiling, she is vulnerable and defenseless, just as He likes her. she was given a regular beating over the ass, from which she was wiggling and squirming, being spoiled with softer treatment for a while. But the highlight was a dozen sharp strikes across the front of her thighs, leaving unusually deep and beautiful marks. It is lovely to dress her in her Owner’s colors and stripes. Things are getting back to normal…..

A bitch caught and tamed. A girl enslaved. No talking. No expression. Trained like an animal ready to be put to use. Waiting quietly with her eyes downcast. Tied up and helpless she focusses on the spot she has been told to until further notice. Scared, yet horny. Blank in her mind, in her spot. Ready for her Owner’s cruelties. A beautiful slave in a desirable state of mind. A piece of highly valued property.

Tied up in a safe place. Immobilized and helpless. Today the slave had earned 200 lashes with the rubber-clad rattan cane (an evil one she says, but of course she exaggerates). Presently in a hotel room, secured to the metal bars in the wall over the bed, by coincidence a nice message shines through between the slave’s fastened hands while she is being caned: pain is Love; torture is care; discipline is character-enhancing; and the slave’s bounded helplessness to determine anything at all is fundamental. 200 “loves” later and a beautifully reddened slavegirl, she was was given a chance to cum under her Owner’s treatment within a minute….or face another 200 “loves”. she came hard well within the time limit, and her Owner was pleased. Pain is love!

Yesterday the slavegirl was tied up and slowly tortured after a smooth and pleasant day. her wrongdoings during the day had been utterly minor, and the evening relaxed. But she must always know that her sadistic Owner does what he wants with her at any time, purely for His pleasure, and that there is nothing she can do to change that. Here her breasts were tied harshly, made to stick out and be an easy target for the leatherwhip. she was whipped until she crumbled and the breasts reddened. Then she was forced to “voluntarily” spread her legs, and keep them spread, after which a pussywhipping took place. she was a good girl and provided a nice playground for her Owner. Although tortured she did not try to evade the torments, nor did she scream too loud. When done, a few hours later, the horny li’l was tied up fully immobile, and forced to cum in appreciation of the beautiful torture she had been given. A nice evening.

When she deserves it a bit extra (and she does…), when she needs it hard (oh yes…), or when her Owner craves it (sadists do that without a reason) special efforts are made. The pain is sharper, the marks deeper, and misery worse when she is bent over like this. The strictly tied arms, a sharp bend of the delicate body, and the absolute impossibility for her to improve her position work miracles. Lashes over stretched skin, vulnerability of absolute helplessness, and the awkward position in itself, all combines to a difficult (and memorable) time for the slave. And a lovely one for her Owner. Just as it shall be. Accessible as she is, her Owner delivers pain to His liking. And there is nothing she can do.

Tossed around. Whipped. Tied. Taken down. Broken. Helpless. Never as beautiful as when she is down as low as she can get, blank in her mind, void of resistance and empty of any other thoughts than those her Owner puts in her head. This is her place, where she thrives, and where she shall be.

In a session of deepening the slave’s sense of helplessness, she was tied up in one position after another and in every second position she was caned or forced to orgasm respectively. This one was special. Sitting in the bed, hands tied over her head, and legs secured in a spread position, she was fully accessible for an energetic wand. her orgasm was immense, and lasted for an impressing 1 minute and 32 seconds, overtaking her in waves, screaming, pleading, panting. Intensity was brutal and she bit her own arm in order to stand it until it had ran its course. Beautiful.

Master cooked, as He had planned a special dinner for the eve, celebrating with slave. However, He was not pleased with the slavegirl during the day, having been mouthy and lacking in respect. So she would have to earn her dinner in a different way. Hands tied, stretched to a hook in the ceiling, and down again to an anal hook deeply inserted in its right place. Of course it was all stretched so that she had to stand on her highest toes. Master cooked with a sweet smile on his lips, and with a beautiful view, while slave was moaning and trembling. When food was done, slave was exhausted. But she had earned some food. The hard way.