Yesterday the slavegirl was tied up and slowly tortured after a smooth and pleasant day. her wrongdoings during the day had been utterly minor, and the evening relaxed. But she must always know that her sadistic Owner does what he wants with her at any time, purely for His pleasure, and that there is nothing she can do to change that. Here her breasts were tied harshly, made to stick out and be an easy target for the leatherwhip. she was whipped until she crumbled and the breasts reddened. Then she was forced to “voluntarily” spread her legs, and keep them spread, after which a pussywhipping took place. she was a good girl and provided a nice playground for her Owner. Although tortured she did not try to evade the torments, nor did she scream too loud. When done, a few hours later, the horny li’l was tied up fully immobile, and forced to cum in appreciation of the beautiful torture she had been given. A nice evening.

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