It is when all cuteness, surface, and nonsense are peeled off, the slavegirl’s true beauty is exposed. When subjected to brutal power, helpless, with her Owner’s will filling her to the finest fiber, she feels most complete. And it is when being used and being useful, sensing Owner ruling her totally with no chance of escaping, she exists to her fullest. Real, hard and merciless. Luckily for the little girl – or maybe not – her Owner has a fetish for her orgasms. To create them, force them, and to repeat them at will, irrespective of her desires.

All women should get trained, habituated, and made to appreciate it. It is beautiful, intimate, and a strict reminder of respective hierarchy and status. The little slavegirl takes her Owner’s golden shower and tries to swallow as much as possible. It is a lovely act and gives her Owner a simple and sweet, yet hard, pleasure every time. A divine moment.

As a tender little lamb waiting for the slaughter, the slavegirl is placed by her Owner by the bed, knowing she is waiting for something, but not for what. Has she done anything wrong? Is she to be punished? Will she be used? Will she enjoy, fear, or suffer? Either way, she waits obediently as that is the only thing she can do.Soon she will know…

The slavegirl is of course trained to suck any cock to perfection. But the bitch is under renewed training, and training is never concluded. The cock shall all the way down and be fondled according to instructions. This requires consistent training and reinvigorated enthusiasm. Halfway compromises are not an option. Training goes on.

A slave cannot choose. This is at core of slavehood. Owner chooses. 20 stripes over tender thighs or an hour of nipple clamps. Owner chooses. A hug or a kiss on the forehead. Owner chooses. Salmon or steak. Owner chooses. Anal rape or a marked face. Owner chooses. Always.

Up to now, slave has been nurturing the baby, hence her breasts have been somewhat protected. These days are over now. The breasts are again prime target for sadistic pleasure and crude disciplining. Told to straighten her back, push her breasts forward and get ready, she complies readily. What a beautiful sight, the lil girl breathing deep, awaiting the flogger to rip her breasts and the much dreaded pain to ravish her! her Owner feels sweet satisfaction.

Sincere apologies to all our followers – all the
6 000 – and our frequent visitors: we have not posted for long time. We have been through some harsh times and the road to the girl’s total enslavement has taken an unusual turn. Yet we will return to posting, still aiming for seriously exposing the journey as it winds before us. Please stay with us!

Six weeks after birth, 11 kgs lighter, and with no complications, she is now returning to be her Owner’s perfect whore and slutty eye candy. she is doing quite well…Or what do you think?
Dressed to please, dolled up, ready to be used at any time. In any phase of her life she can and shall be used hard and deep.

her two main tasks in life are to take care of her Master’s cock and to carry His child. she has been trained to always attend His cock when commanded. The slavegirl is never ever allowed to hesitate or fail. Even the slightest lack of enthusiasm or effort would give her the harshest beating. Luckily she is beyond that, so her beatings are now mostly focussed on other issues. Now she has also been bred, and she carries her Master’s baby, fulfilling her dual tasks gracefully. A slavegirl at its finest, carrying out women’s inevitable and eternal duties as she (and other women) should.