The slave is currently being disciplined with electric chocks on a regular basis. IF slave 566-813-622 had a safeword it would be used here….IF she was allowed limits, this would be on the top of her No-list. But she isn’t allowed and she truly hates the sweet electrics from the bottom of her being. Just therefore it works so well. And just therefore her sadistic Owner loves it. But as with all good things – champagne, single-tail bull whips, sleepy mornings, roller coaster rides, Guide Michelin restaurants, and brutal throatfucking – it is best used sparsely and for a reason. her Owner has not used it for a while, but now it comes handy since a deep-rooted, not wanted, behavior shall be altered. she needs a bit of help with this. And she will get it! Note in the pic how calmly she awaits her nightmare, while being trained to not remove the clamps though she is not tied up. For more serious torture He usually keeps her hands in metal handcuffs on her back since she can become a bit rowdy (spelt Panicking with Fear and Pain). For just another week she will be regularly subjected to this treatment….that is if she is successfully altered. If there would be a problem, her owner needs to move on to the electric anal plug (an even more sparsely and hated device).

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