There are many beautiful features in this image. First, the slutty slave girl in the back and the disciplined obedient one in the forefront: both are inviting usage in their own ways. But a second look reveals its deeper meanings, namely the subtile efficiency of slave girls inadvertently disciplining, and being disciplined by, one another. The first one is shy, forced to display herself in front of the other girl (which she does not know), being humiliated and mentally taken down. The other, still elegant and untouched, watches the brutally beaten Ass of the first, knowing exactly what is in store for her, trembling. Even more, the first keeping still in perfect position, hoping the Owners will let her go soon (and not beat her beaten ass again) the other keeps a perfect posture so Owners will be pleased with her and may let her be spared the most severe beating. The night was young, and before the night ended, they both got what they deserved.

The Owner was out travelling again, and brought the slave with Him to serve, please, and in order to continue its training. The fact that the li’l slavewhore in spite of everything, still is prudish is a constant source of amusement. At the review of the day’s performance, and as a minor correction of unwanted behaviour, the slave was placed nude and fully visible at the balcony of the hotel room. she was told to remain still and quiet, and contemplate the day’s mistakes, while she focuses on the pain in her sensitive nipples. In the quiet moment that followed, her Owner enjoyed a glass of wine, the magnificent city-view and the perfect temperature, and of course the quiet (and well-earned) suffering of the slave. Plans were made for the subsequent more intense part of this evening’s disciplining, which you will see the fruits of in the next post (ie. Above). Right there and then, tranquility and harmony ruled.

The slave is currently being disciplined with electric chocks on a regular basis. IF slave 566-813-622 had a safeword it would be used here….IF she was allowed limits, this would be on the top of her No-list. But she isn’t allowed and she truly hates the sweet electrics from the bottom of her being. Just therefore it works so well. And just therefore her sadistic Owner loves it. But as with all good things – champagne, single-tail bull whips, sleepy mornings, roller coaster rides, Guide Michelin restaurants, and brutal throatfucking – it is best used sparsely and for a reason. her Owner has not used it for a while, but now it comes handy since a deep-rooted, not wanted, behavior shall be altered. she needs a bit of help with this. And she will get it! Note in the pic how calmly she awaits her nightmare, while being trained to not remove the clamps though she is not tied up. For more serious torture He usually keeps her hands in metal handcuffs on her back since she can become a bit rowdy (spelt Panicking with Fear and Pain). For just another week she will be regularly subjected to this treatment….that is if she is successfully altered. If there would be a problem, her owner needs to move on to the electric anal plug (an even more sparsely and hated device).

Sometimes the slave – she is after all just a little girl needing discipline and training – is exhausted from serving her Master long hours, work, lack of sleep, headache, or other circumstances (remember that she is slave 24/7/365 with no breaks). That could be an excellent opportunity to break her further, use that she is having no resistance left in her otherwise lively mind or petite body, brutally peeling yet another level of protection off her. But it could also – at rare occasions – be a reason to let her serve softly and delicately. Yesterday evening, after a long outdoor day in a chilly early autumn climate, she was plainly ordered: “Warm its Master’s cock softly with its mouth and throat”. So she did until she was told that her mission was completed. she thanked her Master for being used.

The slavegirl is forced naked to the cold tile floor, Master with the cane in hand, giving a disciplining lash with every command.
“On its stomach!”
“On its back”
“Spread its legs!”

When spreading her legs she is told to offer her pussy to be used. her pussy is massaged with the Owner’s raw boot until she squirms and moans. she is ready to cum under the relentless and crude pressure of the boot. But she has neither been properly whipped yet, nor being anal-trained today, so there is no chance she has already deserved to cum. The pussy-abuse goes on, but she is neither allowed, nor able, to cum without her Owners explicit permission. And she shall be trained, used, and disciplined much more before being allowed to cum!!

It is not about sex. It is most of the time not even sex. It is about power, discipline, training, and hierarchy. Penetration is secondary. she is scared of anal sex, and fears (and not) her Owner’s fetish of forcing orgasms out of her until she faints. Unless she is Forced To cum and cum, and being Helplessly Trained to Endure anal training. Then she likes it. Because, she doesn’t. And because she is forced. And because her Owner likes to force her. And just because it is power and abuse, it is not. So she is forced to sex. Anywhere. Anytime. Any way.

Although routinely subjected to severe disciplining, punishment and sexual torture of various forms and shades, the slave still fears the simple clothes pins. Isn’t that lovely? Here she deserved a treat, a zipper. But not so easy….the pins were on until they hurt unbearably….then nothing but slow and growing pain…then a little tug….then nothing but the pain taking over the slave’s mind….then suddenly the rope and the pins are torn off in one big movement, the pain (and the fear) peaking…the adrenaline rushes through the body, the pulse jumps to extreme levels, and the slave’s slow moaning of pain reaches the hurt animal’s scream in death agony. Five seconds later, the slave’s pain gives way to the glowing feeling of peace, a satisfaction to be put back in place, and the pride of having been good to her Owner. Then she is turned around, forced onto the bed, taken by her Master, and in her dizzy mind, the only feeling left is the one of completion as her Master uses her deep and hard. Pins are lovely.

The li’l slavewhore is trained to serve her Master’s cock first thing every morning. Every morning, Irrespective of what and where. Sometimes being brutally assaulted, sometimes with a brief and soft tongue, as her Owner prefers. Tired, hangover, stressed, sick, moody…no excuses will do. she simply knows that no day will be good if she is not allowed to take care of her Master and/or be used right after wake up. her Owner enjoys this routine highly, and she feels good from bringing her Owner pleasure. slave knows that would she fail to pleasure, the day will start miserably. Obedience, discipline, and generosity are traits that need to be even sharper carved into the soul of the little girl.

There we go. Outdoor season is officially opened. Endless of possibilities arise. A slave naked, tied, helpless, alone. It may be a detail – she forgot to act on a minor everyday task she got from her Owner – but these “minor” things have occurred three times the last week and can’t be dismissed without correction. It is wreckless, nonchalant, arrogant, and simply not good enough for the slave. she needs to be taught better. she needs to be taught better b’coz her Owner demands her full attention; not a tiny piece of it. And also, she is at her most beautiful when she is iron-tightly disciplined, which she wants to be for her Owner at all times. her Owner left her there to reconsider her behaviour. Sunny and sweet….but 14 degrees and a sharp wind does after all bite a naked, petite and scared li’l slavegirl….after a while an uncontrollably shaking slavegirl was not arrogant anymore. As she was caned, she probably forgot that anyone passing by might have observed her being beaten by her Owner like a disobedient stray dog. Now it is time too see if she was efficiently taught….

The slave broke a given rule. And she did it in a slippery way. And she hurt herself doing it. And then the next day she tried to evade responsibility for it, arguing a hopeless case, digging herself deeper and deeper into a foully smelling whole. she was not a beautiful being then. The slave spent some well earned time in the shame corner. she still has to be taught the consequences of disobeying. Or rather, she shall be trained so that it is impossible for her to disobey. A rough time followed. Not easy for her, and her Owner was not happy with her. But patience folks, patience, she is just a girl that needs to be better trained and harsher disciplined. In due time she will be perfectly attuned to her Owner’s rules and preferences. That is after all her Owner’s task.