Although routinely subjected to severe disciplining, punishment and sexual torture of various forms and shades, the slave still fears the simple clothes pins. Isn’t that lovely? Here she deserved a treat, a zipper. But not so easy….the pins were on until they hurt unbearably….then nothing but slow and growing pain…then a little tug….then nothing but the pain taking over the slave’s mind….then suddenly the rope and the pins are torn off in one big movement, the pain (and the fear) peaking…the adrenaline rushes through the body, the pulse jumps to extreme levels, and the slave’s slow moaning of pain reaches the hurt animal’s scream in death agony. Five seconds later, the slave’s pain gives way to the glowing feeling of peace, a satisfaction to be put back in place, and the pride of having been good to her Owner. Then she is turned around, forced onto the bed, taken by her Master, and in her dizzy mind, the only feeling left is the one of completion as her Master uses her deep and hard. Pins are lovely.

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