Online training can be very useful for an obedient and committed slavegirl. Here, in front of a computer, directed by a trainer, slave is obeying each and every command. The slave is improved with the help of facial slaps, nipple pinching, and brutal hairbrush pussy-beating. Owner is assisting or simply enjoying the view of His tormented slave. Harsh and intensive punishment combined with enforced horniness and – if the slave has been really obedient and suffered deeply – orgasms. Orgasms are typically demanded, and ripped out of her. Pain is eventually transformed into a feeling of exhaustion and satisfaction. The slavegirl is made a little bit better again.

the slave’s pain is her Owner’ pleasure. He is a sadist that enjoys torturing her. she knows that her suffering makes her useful and valuable for her Owner. she is trained to learn the beauty of her pain, and made understand how sweet that makes her Owner feel. she must learn to cherish it, and appreciate that her Owner makes sure she is put to good use. the slave’s temporary physical pain producing her Owner’s mental satisfaction: obviously her pain is a minor price to pay. she had no say in the matter, but she can be forced to appreciate it. she is constantly trained and habituated to inject this into her mind. slave is being perfected.

The slave was reckless with one of her routine duties. she was immediately punished. The shorter the distance between crime and punishment, the better the disciplinary effect. That is true for dogs, and slaves. And if anyone is concerned she gets away too easily, you may not fully realize how tender nipples are in late pregnancy. A small episode in everyday life.

Of course her wrongdoings are punished, now as always. Pain is a cornerstone in disciplining the slave and it is being regularly administered in order to help her becoming a better slave for her Owner. Pain scares her. That is good and useful. It makes her comply more easily. her Owner enjoys causing her pain. It drives His brutal lust and raw pleasure. she knows that and is trained to appreciate that her pain is her Owner’s pleasure, and to be proud she can can be the source for this in such a beautiful way. she is also consequently trained to get wet and horny from being punished. she knows that a caning goes on until her Owned is pleased with her state of wetness. And she knows that the harder she is beaten, the greater chance that she will be allowed to cum afterwards. she is also trained that a day without being used, disciplined or punished can never be a really good day. the Owner is intent to give her an endless string of good days.

It is such a sweet feeling, swinging the cane with full force, without holding back, and with no hesitation. The house is empty and no screaming can be heard. The slave knew she had been bad and will not even try to beg for lenience (not even her hug-buddy teddy bear will save her). This time she is tied up properly coz her Owner does not want any disturbance whatsoever during the execution of her punishment. No sweet rattan, no soft leather whip, no nonsense….just an iron strong bamboo stick of just the right weight to land hard, deep and with precision. A beautiful cloud of wellbeing spreading for each stroke harder than the last, and knowing she deserved them all. Soon she will be pure again, ready to serve with a light soul, a lovely mind, and a body ripe to give pleasure. It was harder than usual. Bliss and beauty. Order restored.

As was promised in the previous post, a pic and a text of her proper punishment should follow. Here it comes. There are few everyday moments that are more beautiful than the one where the slave is commanded on her knees, whereas her Owner simultaneously slides the heavy leather belt from His trousers with a well-known sound. (A leather belt rapidly pulled out from its trousers make a lovely sound!). she was given a proper work-over with the belt. The slave screamed, squirmed and moaned (perhaps even cried a little?), but she remained obediently is position – training pays off!. 😉 A lovely spice to the event was – and remember she is prudish – that she is whipped in a panoramic hotel room window clear, lights on, and several similar buildings around. Chances are high that someone in the nearby buildings were amused watching a sweet li’l slave getting what she deserved with a leather belt. Torturing her as deep as she deserves using only a belt, it must be swung with full force! So chances are that neighbors heard it too.

she is a resilient and durable li’i slavegirl. she is beaten, slapped, and caned all over her body on a daily basis (with varying strength). Her nipples are clamped, hair pulled, and her collar almost chokes her at times. The single-tail whip comes out occasionally, and the flogger even more often. her breasts are whipped, so is her inner thighs and her pussy. she is drenched in her Owners’ pee, hooded for long periods of time, and chained to the floor at times. Amongst other things. she deserves it all, and she takes it all, trembling and sobbing, but bravely and elegantly, knowing she is improved by it (and that it pleases her Owner). But when she needs that little extra pain and fear, the rattan cane finds her bare soles. It is different. That tears her apart, and she fears she cannot take the pain and the horror of it. Of course she must take it – whether she “can” or not – when it is time for her to take it. So far only moderate sole-caning has been pursued, waiting for the right opportunities….

As you followers may recall, the slavewhore has been trained to remain still, ready to take what she deserves when she is being whipped, caned, paddled, cropped, or spanked. Yesterday, however, she was tortured at an entirely different level; a treatment she fears like no other. she was being tortured with electric shocks to her nipples (Yes, safely). she needed to be tied up to stay still and under perfect control for the right length and intensity of the treatment. her Owner is helping out modifying an unwanted, long-rooted, behaviour of the slave and she will be frequently electrically tortured until it stops. When it stops, this routine torture stops. As simple as that. Needless to say, she was suffering beautifully, squirming helplessly, and begging for mercy (but she has no safe word and of course got no mercy), making her Owner deeply horny. Eventually she was pushed over and raped from behind, her owner admiring His simple yet efficient handy work while taking her. A memorable moment. A clip or pic of the actual torture next time, if you please?

When she deserves it a bit extra (and she does…), when she needs it hard (oh yes…), or when her Owner craves it (sadists do that without a reason) special efforts are made. The pain is sharper, the marks deeper, and misery worse when she is bent over like this. The strictly tied arms, a sharp bend of the delicate body, and the absolute impossibility for her to improve her position work miracles. Lashes over stretched skin, vulnerability of absolute helplessness, and the awkward position in itself, all combines to a difficult (and memorable) time for the slave. And a lovely one for her Owner. Just as it shall be. Accessible as she is, her Owner delivers pain to His liking. And there is nothing she can do.

Although routinely subjected to severe disciplining, punishment and sexual torture of various forms and shades, the slave still fears the simple clothes pins. Isn’t that lovely? Here she deserved a treat, a zipper. But not so easy….the pins were on until they hurt unbearably….then nothing but slow and growing pain…then a little tug….then nothing but the pain taking over the slave’s mind….then suddenly the rope and the pins are torn off in one big movement, the pain (and the fear) peaking…the adrenaline rushes through the body, the pulse jumps to extreme levels, and the slave’s slow moaning of pain reaches the hurt animal’s scream in death agony. Five seconds later, the slave’s pain gives way to the glowing feeling of peace, a satisfaction to be put back in place, and the pride of having been good to her Owner. Then she is turned around, forced onto the bed, taken by her Master, and in her dizzy mind, the only feeling left is the one of completion as her Master uses her deep and hard. Pins are lovely.