Thinking of His slave’s best, the Owner cut the bransches in His own garden, pruned them, and bound them together. He tried it out early on the slave with a mild whipping. Then He hung them in a dry place for two months, awaiting them to assume a dry, thorny, and harsh character. Now she needed to be put in place, and it was time to rip her tender and lovely (yet so resilient) skin on her ass into shreds. One Thousand lashes of varying strength and position was what she had to endure. “Terribly hard….and lovely” the little slave said afterwards….with fear and anticipation in her voice. The whip is intact, proved its worth and is ready for use again.

The Owner worked slave over with a pair of pliers yesterday: the bamboo-stick (a fav for mark-making) broke at a previous beating, and an alternative strategy had to be applied. she Must Always carry two marks from her Owner’s treatment on her body. her body is first class resisting marks in the extreme, so it remains a challenge. The pliers seemed to do a good impression on the thighs. On the pussylips, the marks cannot be seen (but Felt if we ask slave). To the Owner’s disappointment, the marks faded soon – but the pain was good and real. And she looked beautifully humiliated when led for a walk by the pliers’ grip on her pussylips. Sometimes 2 out of 3 ain’t bad….

the slave’s Owner wants her raw. Vulnerable, tortured, open, on the edge, pleasure turning into pain, pain turning into pleasure, tears. At times, it takes crude abuse and excessive violence to get her there. Harboring a strong soul and a resilient body, she needs to be convinced that she has no choice but to submit. Tied up, and then gradually released as she sinks in, exact One Thousand lashes with a cane over the period of an hour makes her beautifully raw. Then her inner beauty flourish unhindered. That’s her place.

Appreciate with me the beauty of this set-up: i) A wide leather collar fastened tightly with a chain to a hook in the ceiling. ii) Japanese clover clamps that are sharply biting the nipples, stretching them, securing them by the wooden plank that is pulling them down by its sheer weight. iii) Ropes stretched to the sides of the bed, softly securing that her hands cannot meddle, change her position, or to protect herself whatsoever. Helpless. Vulnerable. Open. iv). All is perfectly balanced and measured with the chain-clamps-ropes such that she remains in a very tiresome halfway position between standing on straight arms or on elbows. she “can” move but doing that will either suffocate her or bring excruciating pain to her nipples. And she “cannot” move, but she will soon get tired in her arms, buckling….We are in no hurry. she is secured like a wild animal prepared for her treatment. Now to the the story behind the set-up…

The slave is afraid of pain. The slave needs the pain. When she has failed to be her Master’s perfect slave in small or large measures, she knows she has to endure pain. And when it is executed from a position of power, strongly, mercilessly, and in the way that cuts perfectly into her inner psyche….then she thrives, overtaking her fear. Then she is corrected, taught the right way, disciplined, improved, and perfected….then she is in her right place, formed by her Master to his liking…then her Master is proud of her…then time stops and crystallizes into a beautiful image of life itself…..
the slave does not get marks easily, but sometimes she really gets what she needs. Lovely.

There is one whip the slavegirl fears more than any other. It is a Mexican bullwhip of outstanding quality. It is a sign of good taste of her fearing this particularly well-constructed whip. But it is neither the high quality of the leather nor the perfect craftsmanship she fears; it is its superior ability to cause deep pain with even the smallest of movements. When tormented to the limit by her Master using just the wrist to make the whip bite her skin like a hungry piranha, she is horrified where it would take her would he actually swing it. Such a whip deserves respect, kisses and worshipping.

With a pair of plier-like clamps on the outer pussylips, the slave was disciplined for misbehaving. The strength of the clamps are brutal (otherwise used for fixating glued wooden planks to each other, bought in a hardware store), but she needed more pain than the otherwise more common application of the “pliers” on the nipples or the inner thighs. “she can’t take it!” she moaned – panic close – after just a few seconds. This is a fundamentally wrong reaction from the slave for two reasons: 1. she can take more than what she thinks, always. Pain is good for her. It humbles her and helps her to her place. Her Owner enjoys her pain and she shall never try to deny her Owner His rightful pleasure. Besides, her Owner knows what she can take better than she does; and 2) It is not up to her to decide anything like this (or anything else) or to try to impact on it. her Owner keeps her safe, and for the rest He does to her what He deems she needs; for His pleasure and for her forming. The only thing the slave achieved with the little outbreak was to disappoint her Owner and to temporarily degrade herself to just another painslut with safeword and interruptable sessions.
It was a discipline-session from a distance, so technically she could have stopped the pain. But she could not. she did not. her Owner made sure she endured two full (and for her very long) minutes. Of course she could take it, in the end making her Owner proud of her. Afterwards, it was obvious that obedience and the endured pain was 1000 times better than the alternative. As always.

Pain is just pain. For this slavegirl, pain is a feeling amongst others. But the feeling of pain is more important for her than other feelings. her pain gives her Master satisfaction in the deepest of meanings. she wants to giver her Master this. As much as she possibly can. Pain is also necessary for improving, disciplining and punishing the sometimes unfocused lil one. Finally, in a horrible way she loves the pain she hates. she will always be given pain by her Master. A lot. Every day. It is good for her.

Yesterday the slavegirl neglected for a moment to be fully and totally available for her Master. she needed to be reminded. the slavegirl is trained to be Master’s perfect li’l whore. With Master’s help she was improved. It hurt, the little girl said. But pain given to her by her Master for training Is good for her. she knows that. Now she will remember to be available at all times.