With a pair of plier-like clamps on the outer pussylips, the slave was disciplined for misbehaving. The strength of the clamps are brutal (otherwise used for fixating glued wooden planks to each other, bought in a hardware store), but she needed more pain than the otherwise more common application of the “pliers” on the nipples or the inner thighs. “she can’t take it!” she moaned – panic close – after just a few seconds. This is a fundamentally wrong reaction from the slave for two reasons: 1. she can take more than what she thinks, always. Pain is good for her. It humbles her and helps her to her place. Her Owner enjoys her pain and she shall never try to deny her Owner His rightful pleasure. Besides, her Owner knows what she can take better than she does; and 2) It is not up to her to decide anything like this (or anything else) or to try to impact on it. her Owner keeps her safe, and for the rest He does to her what He deems she needs; for His pleasure and for her forming. The only thing the slave achieved with the little outbreak was to disappoint her Owner and to temporarily degrade herself to just another painslut with safeword and interruptable sessions.
It was a discipline-session from a distance, so technically she could have stopped the pain. But she could not. she did not. her Owner made sure she endured two full (and for her very long) minutes. Of course she could take it, in the end making her Owner proud of her. Afterwards, it was obvious that obedience and the endured pain was 1000 times better than the alternative. As always.

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