Appreciate with me the beauty of this set-up: i) A wide leather collar fastened tightly with a chain to a hook in the ceiling. ii) Japanese clover clamps that are sharply biting the nipples, stretching them, securing them by the wooden plank that is pulling them down by its sheer weight. iii) Ropes stretched to the sides of the bed, softly securing that her hands cannot meddle, change her position, or to protect herself whatsoever. Helpless. Vulnerable. Open. iv). All is perfectly balanced and measured with the chain-clamps-ropes such that she remains in a very tiresome halfway position between standing on straight arms or on elbows. she “can” move but doing that will either suffocate her or bring excruciating pain to her nipples. And she “cannot” move, but she will soon get tired in her arms, buckling….We are in no hurry. she is secured like a wild animal prepared for her treatment. Now to the the story behind the set-up…

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