Except for practicalities such as slave caring for household duties or to be made accessible for usage, one can not keep one’s slave in chains too much or too often. Chains are absolute, unbreakable, and strict. Cold at first, but warming up from slave’s body heat over time, just as slave gets used to them, becoming increasingly comfortable with them. Chains are caring, safe and protecting. slave shall learn to feel Owner’s presence through the chains. slave shall learn to feel that chains keep her in check. she shall learn to appreciate that Owner likes to have her chained up in a variety of ways, all securing her in her place.

It is something special with keeping your slave in irons. It is definitive, non-negotiable and durable. Nobody else but the Owner/key holder can free the slave. And the arms locked on her back makes her exposed, helpless, vulnerable and accessible. Hence beautiful. Or as in this case, ready for disciplining, warming the soul of her Owner.

Chained, naked, and at the floor. This is a natural place for a slave. she may sleep in the bed in order to serve her Owner or nurse the baby, or b’coz her Owner decides she shall. But she can never expect that she is worthy (or have any right). On the floor in crude chains is her place. This is where she is the most beautiful for her Owner. Naked and vulnerable, ready to be used and abused….by her Owner or someone He has decided can use her. Chained. Naked. On the floor.

Put to work in the kitchen. To maintain a clean and tidy kitchen is of course the task of the slave. But her duties also include to be beautiful in the eyes of her Owner, and give Him pleasure in any situation, anywhere, anytime. Being naked, chained and cooking for her Owner is a lovely mix of her duties. With harsh un-negotiable chains around her neck, tightly rubbing her pussy, splitting her ass she is well prepared for some kitchen duties…as expected, the kitchen was cleaned and the food was amazing. As you all can see, she is made to wear chains…..

The slavegirl needs to feel the distinct boundaries, the cruel harshness, and the non-yielding strength of the structure she is placed in. Uncomfortable, painful, and unpractical as it may be, her Owner have kept her in padlocked crude tight body-hugging steel chains for a while. In addition to confining her, it reminds her that she is a female creature, needing to be held close. And it leaves beautiful marks on her nude body when released. Chains are good for her.

Appreciate with me the beauty of this set-up: i) A wide leather collar fastened tightly with a chain to a hook in the ceiling. ii) Japanese clover clamps that are sharply biting the nipples, stretching them, securing them by the wooden plank that is pulling them down by its sheer weight. iii) Ropes stretched to the sides of the bed, softly securing that her hands cannot meddle, change her position, or to protect herself whatsoever. Helpless. Vulnerable. Open. iv). All is perfectly balanced and measured with the chain-clamps-ropes such that she remains in a very tiresome halfway position between standing on straight arms or on elbows. she “can” move but doing that will either suffocate her or bring excruciating pain to her nipples. And she “cannot” move, but she will soon get tired in her arms, buckling….We are in no hurry. she is secured like a wild animal prepared for her treatment. Now to the the story behind the set-up…

As a sequel to a previously appreciated post – with the slave chained to the bed, and as a response to the wise comment by “hiscunt” that slavegirl should have been chained on the floor if she’d been naughty – a variation on her disciplining is displayed here. On a night out, she was less than respectful to her Owner, and unacceptably inattentive to His demands. she was disciplined and as a way of re-thinking her behaviour, she was chained to the floor, beside the bed and remained there cold, naked, and miserable for a part of the night.

It was a beautiful dinner party, a sweet guest, and lovely food and wine. At some point, the property had to be secured, chained to the floor, so it could not possibly be in the way for the humans enjoying themselves. When it was time it was released so it could serve and please as required. As always when chained in its right place, it was a delight.

The basement is important for the slavegirl. To be chained there with no chance to escape is a key to her sense of slavehood. To be whipped in her helplessness is good for her (note the beautiful stripes on her thighs on the first photo). she must know at every moment that she is slave with no rights and no power. she is Owned and can in no way decide on any part of her life. This must be her primary thought at all times. If she loses it for a little while, she must be forced back. sometimes she is crying and screaming, shivering and shaking, but there is no escape. Once down there, she is whipped, manhandled, and raped. Being chained in the cold and dark basement, tied into helplessness is good for her. It is all a physical expression of her existence. And a beautiful one.