After an outbreak of free will and obnoxious behavior, seriously displeasing her Owner, she now sleeps chained and padlocked to the bed all and every night. she is chained when she is put to bed and released (and chained in a new location) only in the morning after having pleased her Master. This is a trial-period. If she does not please her Master, and remain calm and submissive in her chains, she will sleep in the cellar.

Rowdy and unfocused, doubting her own ability to fully submit, challenged by her Owner’s harsher treatment…yet longing to be held tighter, to be stricter disciplined, to fall deeper….and for the Owner to take her there. She is now constantly in chains and spend considerable amount of time in her Hood. For now her training focuses on absolute obedience, the eradication of own (and disturbingly) thoughts, and swift access to the depth of her horniness. Sleeping like a princess….

Once in a while the girl needs to be reminded the hard way that she is a slavegirl. To recap the basics. The slave cannot expect the luxuries of this world, not even the small pleasures. They all have to be earned. her basics are: chained in a stone cellar, naked, cold, a hood covering her head, helpless, vulnerable, and whipped whenever Master finds it appropriate. And used. she was reminded. Long time. As always when treatment are harsher, she came out beautifully.

Lately, the slave has been unruly, not in her place. The crudest metal chain, weighing at least a kg, was yesterday locked in its place around the girls’ neck with a massive padlock of hardened steel. Then the key was intentionally broken, rendering the chain to remain irrespective of what. At some point the girl will break, the slave blossom….

The slave must be made to feel secure in being Owned, Captured, Kept. she is held in chains at all times. Occasionally she needs the crude heavy chain, with hardened steel padlock. The weight of the chains reminds her constantly what she is and that she has no way to escape her owner’s control. Kept in a heavy chain, she feels cared for.

The girl is in pain. Mentally tortured, in desperate need to flee and hide. That is the moment she needs the chains the most, to be fully exposed, to be taught her helplessness to its full extent. she suffers. she deserves it. she thrives from it. she knows then she is a slave without rights. And she needs to learn that again and again.