(See post below for the proper setting).
The li’l slavegirl had been nonchalant. she was missing orders, neglecting her Owner’s preferences, forgetting instructions….when she is not kept tight enough, occasionally she turns sloppy. Yesterday she even expressed an unauthorized independent will. This must be quelled through major force, brutal violence and tight control. But the occasion had several justifications and pleasures. her Owner is currently pursuing training with her where she shall learn to stay still irrespective of the pain that is inflicted on her. Once she knows deep and hard within herself that movement is futile and counterproductive for her own wellbeing, she will learn to remain still and elegant on commando how ever harsh she is treated. Moreover, her Owner had by chance and to His great delight found a long bamboo-stick in the garden that seemed perfect for punishing and mark-making. It was. It turned into a lovely session. Today slave has been a delight.

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