The most natural position in the world for a woman/girl: over the knees of her Owner, being told how good/bad she has been, awaiting discipline. Sometimes a light skin-smacking, and sometimes a flesh-thumping harsh palm. Either way it is deserved if Owner says so, and very natural.

Online slave training proceeds. Trainer was not happy with her one morning. It was decided she needed physical punishment. As the crime was not severe, only 5 harsh strikes with the crudest belt was decided upon. Owner executed and added another 5 strikes for other minor transgressions. slave’s Ass turned red and pink. she is now caught in an iron triangle with teachings, trainings, mental conditioning, and physical disciplining. There is no escape for her. Training continues.

The li’l slave needs discipline in all walks of life. she is trained by remaining still when being caned, even in the extreme. her Master’s order – always and irrespective – being stronger than her discomforts (or extreme pain in the lil girl’s words) is the the goal. she is now good, but not good enough. she needs a bit of help to come further. Here, she is restrained by an anal hook (which this time has no tiger balm on), up to the hook in the ceiling and and back to the collar. she is scared of being choked and she has a sensitive little princess ass, so she stays still. Especially when the horizontal rope midway tightens the arrangement as is necessary to keep her in place. Now, in this position, she is very good at taking a good caning without moving around. In fact, she stays very still until she is released. her Owner can beat her in good order until she gets what she deserves. Next time she will be caned without the arrangements, but with an anal hook smeared in tiger balm waiting to be inserted and strung up if necessary….

Tortured and trained. Whipped and disciplined. Raped and broken. Then made to cum with the only purpose being to force her to learn that pain is good for her. When released from the ropes that held her in strict suspension, she is soft as a rag doll. Trained. Taken. Done. Used. Enjoyed. Finished. Embettered.

In her place, subjugated with rough ropes, male dominance, sheer pain and its own helplessness. Kissing her Master’s feet, grateful for being taken down, disciplined, and cared for. More beautiful than ever, placed where she shall be. Under. Emptied, Humbled. Exhausted. All lovely things for a slavegirl in training.

(See post below for the proper setting).
The li’l slavegirl had been nonchalant. she was missing orders, neglecting her Owner’s preferences, forgetting instructions….when she is not kept tight enough, occasionally she turns sloppy. Yesterday she even expressed an unauthorized independent will. This must be quelled through major force, brutal violence and tight control. But the occasion had several justifications and pleasures. her Owner is currently pursuing training with her where she shall learn to stay still irrespective of the pain that is inflicted on her. Once she knows deep and hard within herself that movement is futile and counterproductive for her own wellbeing, she will learn to remain still and elegant on commando how ever harsh she is treated. Moreover, her Owner had by chance and to His great delight found a long bamboo-stick in the garden that seemed perfect for punishing and mark-making. It was. It turned into a lovely session. Today slave has been a delight.

As a sequel to a previously appreciated post – with the slave chained to the bed, and as a response to the wise comment by “hiscunt” that slavegirl should have been chained on the floor if she’d been naughty – a variation on her disciplining is displayed here. On a night out, she was less than respectful to her Owner, and unacceptably inattentive to His demands. she was disciplined and as a way of re-thinking her behaviour, she was chained to the floor, beside the bed and remained there cold, naked, and miserable for a part of the night.