Beauty lies sometimes in simplicity. To undress her, have her stand up and tie her neck/throat with a stiff rope tightly around a metal structure (and the end of the rope well out of her reach of course) is all that is needed. she simply cannot move anywhere, and any attempt to do so will immediately induce severe discomfort. she was beaten at the front and the inside of her thighs with a cane and then with a whip…..and some on her breasts when she was whining too much. To honor the efficiency of the set-up she got an unusually stern beating. her Owner was rewarded with black and blue marks on her which is still visible a week later. Irrespective of how harshly she was beaten, the beauty of simplicity ruled…there was nothing she could do but take it until her Owner was done!

In the deep rural areas, at a naked attic, with a nude slave in serious need of correction. Ropes around the waist, in between ass cheeks, tightly hugging the pussy (or grinding some would say), but circling (hence saving for later use) the clit, and then up around the beams and back stretching the arms strictly. If she pulls the arms even a little, the rope will be pulled back, torturing the pussy. she needs to remain on her toes, or the rope will deliver excruciating pain. Then the whipping begins: 150 lashes (although with far less than full force) with the feared Mexican bullwhip. 150 was decided on beforehand and her pleading and praying for mercy was of course to no avail. The slave’s lesson to learn during this session was to take her Owner’s instructions seriously, triggered by a previous failure to do so.

Appreciate with me the beauty of this set-up: i) A wide leather collar fastened tightly with a chain to a hook in the ceiling. ii) Japanese clover clamps that are sharply biting the nipples, stretching them, securing them by the wooden plank that is pulling them down by its sheer weight. iii) Ropes stretched to the sides of the bed, softly securing that her hands cannot meddle, change her position, or to protect herself whatsoever. Helpless. Vulnerable. Open. iv). All is perfectly balanced and measured with the chain-clamps-ropes such that she remains in a very tiresome halfway position between standing on straight arms or on elbows. she “can” move but doing that will either suffocate her or bring excruciating pain to her nipples. And she “cannot” move, but she will soon get tired in her arms, buckling….We are in no hurry. she is secured like a wild animal prepared for her treatment. Now to the the story behind the set-up…

she’s just a little girl, vulnerable, helpless, ready to be taken. Although safe with her Owner at all times, she must be reminded that she is just a little girl. And she must learn that without her Owner she is prey to any man that claims her. And with her Owner to any man he allows to take her. Tied to the ceiling, stretched out, opened up and helpless is a good position to cement her little-ness, her availability, and under-score how vulnerable she really is. she may be strung-up for a whipping or just to get her mind in the right place before sleeping. Or be placed to decorate her Owner’s upcoming dinner. Either way, she is delicious prey to claim…

In her perfect place. Tied. Naked. Helpless. Vulnerable. Cold. Locked in a hood. This is her place. Anything else she needs to earn, deserve, prove herself worthy of. Anything she gets beyond this is because her Owner allows it. This is a beautiful place for her. the slave’s Owner likes to keep her here.

Once in a while the girl needs to be reminded the hard way that she is a slavegirl. To recap the basics. The slave cannot expect the luxuries of this world, not even the small pleasures. They all have to be earned. her basics are: chained in a stone cellar, naked, cold, a hood covering her head, helpless, vulnerable, and whipped whenever Master finds it appropriate. And used. she was reminded. Long time. As always when treatment are harsher, she came out beautifully.

After a lovely evening, the slave lost focus on her Master. Accidentally she disobeyed. she did not mean to, but she did. she needed to be re-focused before time to sleep. Tied up harshly, disciplined with moderate pain. It turned into a late night…then she slept safely and beautifully on her Master’s chest for 9 hours. Balance restored.