In the deep rural areas, at a naked attic, with a nude slave in serious need of correction. Ropes around the waist, in between ass cheeks, tightly hugging the pussy (or grinding some would say), but circling (hence saving for later use) the clit, and then up around the beams and back stretching the arms strictly. If she pulls the arms even a little, the rope will be pulled back, torturing the pussy. she needs to remain on her toes, or the rope will deliver excruciating pain. Then the whipping begins: 150 lashes (although with far less than full force) with the feared Mexican bullwhip. 150 was decided on beforehand and her pleading and praying for mercy was of course to no avail. The slave’s lesson to learn during this session was to take her Owner’s instructions seriously, triggered by a previous failure to do so.

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