Tied, beaten, and hooded, pressad into that perfect mental space where she is at her most beautiful, she also feels the best. slave deserves to be there in every aspect of her being, always. A place where she is totally subdued to the Male demands, rules, and desires – sophisticated or raw as they may be – and where she is used and trained to exercise good service at all times. This is the mindset where she feels safe, where her position is clear, and where there is no chance for her to exert any will of her own. This is her place.

Beaten, broken and raped. Repeatedly. Finally at ease, falling asleep kissing her Owner’s feet. In her place. And indeed, she had earned the spot at her Owner’s feet, serving hard under the whip and the cane. First some stern punishments for dis-respect. Then some disciplining for keeping standards up. Finally, some lengthy, sheer sadistic, pleasure, as adviced by the slave-trainer, entirely for Owner’s and Trainer’s benefit. A blissful eve.

Beauty lies sometimes in simplicity. To undress her, have her stand up and tie her neck/throat with a stiff rope tightly around a metal structure (and the end of the rope well out of her reach of course) is all that is needed. she simply cannot move anywhere, and any attempt to do so will immediately induce severe discomfort. she was beaten at the front and the inside of her thighs with a cane and then with a whip…..and some on her breasts when she was whining too much. To honor the efficiency of the set-up she got an unusually stern beating. her Owner was rewarded with black and blue marks on her which is still visible a week later. Irrespective of how harshly she was beaten, the beauty of simplicity ruled…there was nothing she could do but take it until her Owner was done!

she is a resilient and durable li’i slavegirl. she is beaten, slapped, and caned all over her body on a daily basis (with varying strength). Her nipples are clamped, hair pulled, and her collar almost chokes her at times. The single-tail whip comes out occasionally, and the flogger even more often. her breasts are whipped, so is her inner thighs and her pussy. she is drenched in her Owners’ pee, hooded for long periods of time, and chained to the floor at times. Amongst other things. she deserves it all, and she takes it all, trembling and sobbing, but bravely and elegantly, knowing she is improved by it (and that it pleases her Owner). But when she needs that little extra pain and fear, the rattan cane finds her bare soles. It is different. That tears her apart, and she fears she cannot take the pain and the horror of it. Of course she must take it – whether she “can” or not – when it is time for her to take it. So far only moderate sole-caning has been pursued, waiting for the right opportunities….

In her right place again. Where she shall be. As you dear followers have seen her before. she neglected for a moment her primary duty, disappointed her Owner, and she did this with an ugly face. Later she was severely beaten, for an extended period of time. The more beaten she gets, the better she turns out, and the more beautiful she emerges. It was hard for her, but, as we know, worthwhile. Here, in her place, the slave thanks her Owner for being harshly beaten making her fully understands her failure. The slave gratefully kisses her Owner’s feet for His care and for being improved. Always beautiful in her place.

she did something wrong and
was not a good slavegirl for her Master. she was told why. she was thoroughly beaten. Then she was told how she should behave. More beating followed. Then she was told how she should feel about the rules she failed to uphold (namely good; they are there to keep her safe and in her place). Which in turn was whipped into her. Then silence. Then oil-massaging a subdued and overwhelmed lil girl. Then harmony. Order restored.

In the deep rural areas, at a naked attic, with a nude slave in serious need of correction. Ropes around the waist, in between ass cheeks, tightly hugging the pussy (or grinding some would say), but circling (hence saving for later use) the clit, and then up around the beams and back stretching the arms strictly. If she pulls the arms even a little, the rope will be pulled back, torturing the pussy. she needs to remain on her toes, or the rope will deliver excruciating pain. Then the whipping begins: 150 lashes (although with far less than full force) with the feared Mexican bullwhip. 150 was decided on beforehand and her pleading and praying for mercy was of course to no avail. The slave’s lesson to learn during this session was to take her Owner’s instructions seriously, triggered by a previous failure to do so.

Beaten. Exhausted. Finished. Submitted. Resistance is gone, thoughts are empty, and the slavegirl is that beautiful pure creature she can be for her Master. Like a beautiful gift to her Master, her golden mane displays itself for His eyes, and her inner shining light flows out of her in ample and endless measures when she is tortured to submission. she should never be anywhere else.

There we go. Outdoor season is officially opened. Endless of possibilities arise. A slave naked, tied, helpless, alone. It may be a detail – she forgot to act on a minor everyday task she got from her Owner – but these “minor” things have occurred three times the last week and can’t be dismissed without correction. It is wreckless, nonchalant, arrogant, and simply not good enough for the slave. she needs to be taught better. she needs to be taught better b’coz her Owner demands her full attention; not a tiny piece of it. And also, she is at her most beautiful when she is iron-tightly disciplined, which she wants to be for her Owner at all times. her Owner left her there to reconsider her behaviour. Sunny and sweet….but 14 degrees and a sharp wind does after all bite a naked, petite and scared li’l slavegirl….after a while an uncontrollably shaking slavegirl was not arrogant anymore. As she was caned, she probably forgot that anyone passing by might have observed her being beaten by her Owner like a disobedient stray dog. Now it is time too see if she was efficiently taught….

What was her crime? Nothing really. she was simply beaten b’coz it is good for her to get a good working over, and b’coz she needed to be taken down, and b’coz pain sends her into a beautiful cloud, and b’coz her Master likes to beat her, and b’coz it makes her wet, and b’coz she becomes so beautiful when reddened, and b’coz she’s a li’l whore that needs discipline, and b’coz….
….there is always at least half a dozen reasons to whip a a slavegirl! And this one, there are at least a dozen reasons at any given point in time to whip this one. The more the better!