she is a resilient and durable li’i slavegirl. she is beaten, slapped, and caned all over her body on a daily basis (with varying strength). Her nipples are clamped, hair pulled, and her collar almost chokes her at times. The single-tail whip comes out occasionally, and the flogger even more often. her breasts are whipped, so is her inner thighs and her pussy. she is drenched in her Owners’ pee, hooded for long periods of time, and chained to the floor at times. Amongst other things. she deserves it all, and she takes it all, trembling and sobbing, but bravely and elegantly, knowing she is improved by it (and that it pleases her Owner). But when she needs that little extra pain and fear, the rattan cane finds her bare soles. It is different. That tears her apart, and she fears she cannot take the pain and the horror of it. Of course she must take it – whether she “can” or not – when it is time for her to take it. So far only moderate sole-caning has been pursued, waiting for the right opportunities….

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