Below you saw the fresh and strong slave, before the beating. Here you see her exhausted and broken, after the beating. her body is crumbling and her legs are shaking, instinctively seeking the unattainable “protection” in a standing feutus position, almost hanging in her ropes. Now the waist-ass chains will be removed and she will be checked for pussy-wetness. If not wet enough she is given more whipping before she’s is raped. Perfect position: no need to re-arrange her from whipping to raping. The afternoon has just started….

Vacation offers new possibilities and the slavegirl needs to be reminded that she remains slave irrespective of what happens and where she is. Once sun had set and darkness began to fall, the slave was handed a blanket (spoiled as she is) and marched into the woods in order to lose the presence of innocent bystanders. On the way a few harsh and flexible branches were broken and collected. At a quiet and suitable place, the slave was ordered down on the ground, bent over a rock, panties down, ass up, told to be quiet and still, and the whipping began. It was alternating between using the thin stinging branch, and the thick one with a considerable impact. The slave suffered beautifully and the atmosphere in the midst of the forest, in a dark and lonely place, with only the iPhone lighting up the spot, and the just collected branches as the only torture instruments, was special. Raw. Thick. Hard. Cold. Scary (for a little girl). Then she was marched home and used. By then her Owner was pleased with her.

she is a slavegirl. Property. Owned. The harsher she is kept the better, the stricter she is forced into the corner of absolute slavehood the more satisfying for her and her Owner. There is no other life for her left. The more perfectly even the vaguest of possibility of any other existence can be erased from her head, the better for her feeling of comfort, peace, and security. she is used, taken, and full-body whipped every morning. From the feet up to her breasts (face is saved for slapping), from her soles up to her shoulders. When her body is glowing and her mind set deep into slave mode, she is ready to start the day of obeying and pleasing her Owner.

she did something wrong and
was not a good slavegirl for her Master. she was told why. she was thoroughly beaten. Then she was told how she should behave. More beating followed. Then she was told how she should feel about the rules she failed to uphold (namely good; they are there to keep her safe and in her place). Which in turn was whipped into her. Then silence. Then oil-massaging a subdued and overwhelmed lil girl. Then harmony. Order restored.

Tortured and trained. Whipped and disciplined. Raped and broken. Then made to cum with the only purpose being to force her to learn that pain is good for her. When released from the ropes that held her in strict suspension, she is soft as a rag doll. Trained. Taken. Done. Used. Enjoyed. Finished. Embettered.

In the deep rural areas, at a naked attic, with a nude slave in serious need of correction. Ropes around the waist, in between ass cheeks, tightly hugging the pussy (or grinding some would say), but circling (hence saving for later use) the clit, and then up around the beams and back stretching the arms strictly. If she pulls the arms even a little, the rope will be pulled back, torturing the pussy. she needs to remain on her toes, or the rope will deliver excruciating pain. Then the whipping begins: 150 lashes (although with far less than full force) with the feared Mexican bullwhip. 150 was decided on beforehand and her pleading and praying for mercy was of course to no avail. The slave’s lesson to learn during this session was to take her Owner’s instructions seriously, triggered by a previous failure to do so.

The slave is to always attend Master’s cook with her first waken thought and her first conscious action every morning. Any failure on this account ruins the day for the li’l slave. she is now trained well and follows without exceptions. Although being good, it is nevertheless always good for the slave to get whipped first thing in the morning. That starts the day the right way, helping slave on the right path. Here: 400 lashes, and a well-earned orgasm later she is ready to take on the day with the right felling in body and soul. (The photos from the morning session did not turn out well, so it had to be repeated in the evening. In the name of authenticity, 400 new lashes were dished out, and another orgasm forced upon her. Nice eve too, after a good day with the right feeling).

Harshly whipped, thoroughly taken, forced to submission, broken, naked on the floor, handcuffed, helpless. But the jewel in the evening’s crown remains: beautiful preparations are made for a serious session of wax play. The slavegirl is mentally in a position to take everything she will get, and indeed she deserves it. her Owner loves to cover her in red wax. A slow and lovely session is to begin….

The slave girl is trained to get horny by being whipped. Either when she is crudely bent over, given a ruthless, cruel and deep round with a cane from a position of absolute authority, and where her pain is unbearable and her body marked. Or by a long, soft, gradually growing well aimed caning/whipping where the right body parts are warmed up as we go along. In time this, too, gets a bit hard on her. Today, she was forced to cum close to orgasm with the wand, and then trained to stay close during a round of semi-soft whipping. Back and forth between wand-whipping-wand…. 1, 2, 3, 4 times and more….her owner was not satisfied until she kept her state of arousal right on the edge all through the whipping. she was a good girl with a reddened ass and was eventually allowed to cum twice.

What was her crime? Nothing really. she was simply beaten b’coz it is good for her to get a good working over, and b’coz she needed to be taken down, and b’coz pain sends her into a beautiful cloud, and b’coz her Master likes to beat her, and b’coz it makes her wet, and b’coz she becomes so beautiful when reddened, and b’coz she’s a li’l whore that needs discipline, and b’coz….
….there is always at least half a dozen reasons to whip a a slavegirl! And this one, there are at least a dozen reasons at any given point in time to whip this one. The more the better!