Vacation offers new possibilities and the slavegirl needs to be reminded that she remains slave irrespective of what happens and where she is. Once sun had set and darkness began to fall, the slave was handed a blanket (spoiled as she is) and marched into the woods in order to lose the presence of innocent bystanders. On the way a few harsh and flexible branches were broken and collected. At a quiet and suitable place, the slave was ordered down on the ground, bent over a rock, panties down, ass up, told to be quiet and still, and the whipping began. It was alternating between using the thin stinging branch, and the thick one with a considerable impact. The slave suffered beautifully and the atmosphere in the midst of the forest, in a dark and lonely place, with only the iPhone lighting up the spot, and the just collected branches as the only torture instruments, was special. Raw. Thick. Hard. Cold. Scary (for a little girl). Then she was marched home and used. By then her Owner was pleased with her.

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