Lil slave girl says: Superhot. Like a volcano. Feels like melted lava frying the body, burning allover…flowing heat, streaming fire, hot outside, hot inside….peaceful pain. Owner says: a beautiful session. slave locked into place and held still. Slowly, slowly, the hot wax flows down her body, meandering poetically accompanied by the slave’s silent moans. Well trained as she is, she did her best to not destroy the serene perfection of the moment. Soon her upper body is covered, and we turn to her smooth inner thighs….

The girl lost it. In a moment of weakness and difficult circumstances she lost it. And then she lost it again when she was too weak to avoid, and withdrew too late. she betrayed her Owner in exactly the way she was not ever allowed to. Predictably she confessed beautifully, but nevertheless she fell into the abyss of anxiety and misery….she is ashamed, she repents, she suffers…and she thrives from being put in her place. This one will be met by a systematic series of disciplining sessions. The slavegirl shall feel deep and hard that it cannot happen again.

The slave has misbehaved. she has acted as if she had rights. As if she could impact the decisions of her Master, been bratty. she needs pain to be taken down. she is scared of pain. That is good. Pain inflicted on slave by Master works well. she needs it to be a good slave. The more the better. The more hurt she is, the tighter she gets to her Master. The sweeter she is. Clothes pins are clamping her sensitive (and already soar) nipples for some time already. Now she has twisted them a quarter of a circle on Master’s command and says “she can’t stand more”. she is being disciplined for trying to assert herself. Will her plea be heard? No. The clothes pins shall touch each other before Master is satisfied. Five slow painful minutes later they touch. Nipples hurt brutally. slave is tight to her Master. Master is pleased. A good day at last.

The girl needs the pain. Not the pain, but the feeling of absolute and total helplessness. And of being abused. And the pain too. her Owner needs to give her the pain. When the slave is tortured to the limit of what she can take, her Owner needs to give her more. she has no power to decide what is done to her. Ever. And she must know that in every moment of her life. No safeword. No power. No rights.