Of course her wrongdoings are punished, now as always. Pain is a cornerstone in disciplining the slave and it is being regularly administered in order to help her becoming a better slave for her Owner. Pain scares her. That is good and useful. It makes her comply more easily. her Owner enjoys causing her pain. It drives His brutal lust and raw pleasure. she knows that and is trained to appreciate that her pain is her Owner’s pleasure, and to be proud she can can be the source for this in such a beautiful way. she is also consequently trained to get wet and horny from being punished. she knows that a caning goes on until her Owned is pleased with her state of wetness. And she knows that the harder she is beaten, the greater chance that she will be allowed to cum afterwards. she is also trained that a day without being used, disciplined or punished can never be a really good day. the Owner is intent to give her an endless string of good days.

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