As you followers may recall, the slavewhore has been trained to remain still, ready to take what she deserves when she is being whipped, caned, paddled, cropped, or spanked. Yesterday, however, she was tortured at an entirely different level; a treatment she fears like no other. she was being tortured with electric shocks to her nipples (Yes, safely). she needed to be tied up to stay still and under perfect control for the right length and intensity of the treatment. her Owner is helping out modifying an unwanted, long-rooted, behaviour of the slave and she will be frequently electrically tortured until it stops. When it stops, this routine torture stops. As simple as that. Needless to say, she was suffering beautifully, squirming helplessly, and begging for mercy (but she has no safe word and of course got no mercy), making her Owner deeply horny. Eventually she was pushed over and raped from behind, her owner admiring His simple yet efficient handy work while taking her. A memorable moment. A clip or pic of the actual torture next time, if you please?

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